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Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

SpOoNs FoR ScArLeT

(A Spoons For Scarlet button is available on my left sidebar. Please post it to your blog so that your readers can also participate in this very worthy cause. Thanks!)

On September 21, 2009, my 18 month old daughter, Scarlet, pulled a dresser and television over onto her face. She suffered a fracture that circled her left occipital bone and traced around the back of her head and went through her right ear, leaving her with nerve irritation and a palsy in the right side of her face for about 2 months.

Luckily, Scarlet is a fighter, and so were the doctors and Nurses at Primary Children's Medical Center, where she was life flighted and stayed for nearly a week. Today, she is a normal, healthy, beautiful and fearless 2 year old girl.

Angels Walk The Halls Of Primary Children's Medical Center, and Miracles are handed out like candy.


In an attempt to give something back, to help save the lives of children like Scarlet, and to take care of the children who aren't as lucky, our family and friends would like to donate a tree to the annual Festival of trees (see ) to raise money for the children of Primary Children's Medical Center (see ) here in Utah- one of the best and most successful children's hospitals in all of the Western United States.

In order to raise money to decorate Scarlet's tree, we are creating these beautiful, baby-spoon charms, an expression of love and thanks from us to you.

A creative incentive, these sPoOnS fOr ScArLeT are a beautiful accent to any window, and will help us donate thousands of dollars to children who need us.

When you purchase a SpOoN fOr ScArLeT, you are donating $10.00 toward the greatest cause ever: Our Children.

100% of the proceeds will go directly to Primary Children's Medical Center to help all those precious babies who are hurt or sick become well and safe again. Leftover money that is not needed for the tree will be donated to the hospital in the form of a check.

Please purchase a beautiful SpOoN fOr ScArLeT at and help us help the children.


Christina said...

thats terrible. im sorry that happened and thankful she is okay.

Sonora said...

I am familiar with both the hospital and the festival of trees since I live in Utah. I think this is a wonderful idea. I will have to go check it out!

Christine:) said...

Those spoons are gorgeous- I want two of them- one for each of my kids:)
So glad your daughter is okay!

I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

Thanks, everyone!!! I actually have sold all the ones that were up, but I am adding more now, and I will be making a whole bunch of them this weekend. Your support is very much appreciated!!!!

Ginny Marie said...

I'm so glad Scarlet is a healthy two-year old! These spoons are adorable! I hope you get all you hope to raise plus more!

laura said...

That is a GREAT idea! I'm glad your daughter was okay - how scary!!

Sherri said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog...I will be purchasing a spoon..i love that story. Not that your daughter was injured, but that she was healed. My 2nd daughter is a miracle daughter just the same...different circumstances....hers was Heart...but the Lord healed her! I love your cause and that you are taking the time and energy to give back! AMAZING!

Sherri said...

Oh! Yes we are doing the love dare and would love to have you jump right in! It is a lot of fun!

I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

Sherri- I will TOTALLY jump in!!! (Though, DH and I don't fight often, I totally didn't fight fair last night. But I was a mean mommy yesterday too, so I think I was on some kind of low.) I'm excited for the love dare, and I'm glad it's only day 13. I didn't miss much.

I would love for you to buy a spoon. Don't forget to put the Spoon For Scarlet button up on your blog so that others can see it and hopefully do their part. Though, I have sold nearly all my spoons (I didn't know it would kick off so well!!!) and I'm buying a whole bunch of supplies today. IF the selection is slim, know that there will be a lot more up soon.

Thanks for your participation!!

Elizabeth said...

Posted... linked and buttoned! yay! Ps I am looking for the right box to send you your surprise!

Shmonae said...

My dear,
Of course we will be friends :) I hope to see you at the ball so we can meet face to face!
I love the spoons and bought some for myself. I think I told you before that my daughter had a T.V. fall on her also from 5 feet in the air. It was a nightmare. I also just posted a story of a friend of mine. Her sweet son is at the same hospital now. I would do anything for Primary Childrens. I loved participating in the festival of trees also.
Goodnight. I should sleep!

hypermom said...

I am glad that Scarlet's okay; she is a very brave girl. Grabbed your button; good luck on your project! :)

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear your daughter is well!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

That is amazing.
Our youngest daughter Alayna had a cranio reconstructive surgery at Primary Children's about 5 months ago.
Today, you would never even know it.
Is it indeed an amazing place.

Small Burst said...

What a great thing you're doing. Happy that Scarlet is doing great!

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