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Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"
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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Not Me MOnday and First Kiss "All about Meme!"

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Welcome to NOT ME MONDAYS, where where we confess to the things we did (NOT) do! Please click on the link above to link up with your own post.

I'm doing something a little different today, because, well, I haven't been a perfect parent or anything, but I'm just having a hard time coming up with anything substantial. So here goes:

Lies I do NOT tell my children:

"All the toys left on the floor in 10 minutes are going in the trash! If you want to keep them, pick them up!" (I did NOT spend the money on those toys, and throwing them out would NOT be like throwing away money.)

"Scarlet, if you get out of bed one more time, I'm going to put you in your crib!" (The reason she's even IN a toddler bed already is because the crib doesn't hold her back. She does NOT climb out of that thing as though it were nothing but a speed bump. So, that threat is nil.)

"Do you want a spanking?" (All three of my kids cower in whiny-pants terror when I say this. In the end, though, they all know I rarely spank.)

"If you do that one more time, you'll be grounded from the television tomorrow! That means no PBS kids, and no movies!" (If I were to ground my kids from the television IN THE DEAD OF WINTER, it would only mean that I would have to entertain them all day long. In the summer time, SURE! I'm all for the TV. being off all day- playing outside is spectacular...but seriously, grounding them from TV in the wintertime is indeed a punishment for me and me only.)

"We'll talk about it later."( This is used (And Lilly and Mahone know it) when I'm tired of talking about something, but the answer is still 'no.' I have NO intention of talking about it later, and it's a good indication that they should not bring it up again. )

Scarlet does NOT think that this Obi Wan Kenobi Pez dispenser is Jesus.

Scarlet also did NOT have to go to the instacare today. She does NOT have croup. (POOR BABY!)
I have allergies, as our trees are already sprouting buds, and my nose is constantly runny, so I of course carry tissues with me. Still, Scarlet is NOT constantly telling me that I have "cheese" on my nose. I do NOT have a complex about wiping my nose now.

Mahone was NOT found spinning so madly in his room that he didn't watch where he was going (which is no surprise, really) and smacked his cheek into his bed frame, which did NOT leave an awful black bruise on his smooth little face. (sorry- it was several days ago. By the time I thought to take a picture of it, it's so light you can barely see it.)

Lilly does NOT wear this dress every single time it's clean and washed. She does NOT ask me every single morning if it's clean, even if she wore it the day before.

Lilly did NOT wake up 8 TIMES on Saturday night. She did NOT, subsequently, wake up sick to her stomach on Sunday morning.

Today's All About MEme by Supah Mommy is: Your First Kiss.

Honestly, I'm ashamed to admit that I remained what was unaffectionately deemed "virgin lips" until I was graduated from High School and about to leave for college.

Still, there were many many....MANY almost first kisses. I was a major flirt, but the boys were fickle, and often, I was too 'old fashioned' to be the initiator. I wanted to BE kissed, I didn't want to be the one layin' it on thick.

I will not go into detail about ALL of my almost first kisses, that would just be obnoxious. But there are a few that were really pretty memorable.

Jaxson (above)- An amazing guy that I really should have given more credit, and more of a chance. He was my first date, he was one of my best friends. It's simple. And really juvenile. We were slow dancing on the tennis court at a beginning-of-the-school-year stomp. But I was just barely 16 (a mormon's way of saying "i'm finally able to date, please ask me out.") and didn't want any other 'cuter' boys to think I was in a relationship. So I let him kiss my cheek.

Paul- Paul and I were easily the best ballroom dancers in the school. We kicked everyone's trash in class room competitions, and were paired together so that our teacher could, essentially, show everyone how to do it CORRECTLY. We spent hours practicing at my house, he stayed for dinner lots of nights, and once, on valentines day, he sent me a singing telegram from the Madrigals (essentially the school's glee club). It might have been romantic except that it was in front of the entire ballroom class, and it was a gorgeous (and somewhat famous now) ex boyfriend who sang "Earth Angel" to me on one knee while the rest of the Madrigals chimed in with Ooooh's and opportune harmony moments. Once, after dinner, outside my house, he hugged me goodbye and brushed my lips with his. I was stunned, not expecting it, and I told him I've never been kissed and pulled away. We stayed friends, but nothing else happened. I don't count that one.

Brian (above)- Okay, seriously, I'm still bitter about this one. Brian was in my drama class, and he was a great great friend of mine. He used to write me teeny tiny notes and put them in odd places about how he loved my hair or my eyes. I asked him to the Sweethearts Ball, which was girls choice. It happened to be on Saturday, the 12th of February. All night, he made me feel like a princess. He told me I was gorgeous, and he kept touching my face and hair. I was all smiles. On the way home from the dance, my friend Rachael and her boyfriend drove 15 mph down the freeway because Brian had unbuckled my seat belt and pulled me onto his lap, locking me in an everlasting eye contact. I should have just kissed him, but I didn't. I was too old fashioned. So, when we went over a speed bump while entering his neighborhood, he blinked, shook his head, and got out of the car without a goodnight. On Monday, which was officially valentines day, I got a letter from him all about how everything he said, he meant, and it was true, but since he was on the seminary council, he wasn't supposed to date exclusively and...this is what gets me bitter...he had a reputation to consider. O.M.G. I thought for sure he'd ask me to prom. He didn't.

Dylan (Die-lun). Dylan was my actual first kiss. And he was my best friend in the world. Many many evenings we spent on the phone until 2 am, or analyzing poetry, and I was constantly telling him what his dreams meant. I knew more about him than anyone else in the world, and likewise, he with me. But I had a different boyfriend at the time (A boy who wasn't yet 16, and so I hadn't kissed him, though there were lots and lots of almost there too.) and was never REALLY into Dylan. Anyway, the summer before I went to college, and the summer before he went on his LDS mission to Taiwan, my friends and I were all involved in community theatre, and Dylan met a girl there who played the flute in the orchestra pit. Andrea. Before I knew it, his phone was busy (this was before any of us had cell phones) all night, he stopped coming over, and when we DID talk, it was all about her. It took me a whole weekend of being with him every day, all day, and him listening quietly and intently as I stuttered out that I loved him, and didn't want him to be with Andrea. He kissed me on my front porch. Obviously, it didn't work out. And for the best. ~Shrugs~ But it makes an okay story.

Now LINK UP and tell us about YOUR first kiss!!!


Lourie said...

Oh my first kiss was so not a good Mormon girl story! haha I was 17, he was my first real boyfriend...but our first kiss(not his) was in his....bedroom! What floors me about this, is his mom let us be in there alone with the door closed.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Don't be embarrassed, my first kiss wasn't until I was 18 years old and in college. I was too scared to kiss anyone before that. I was a "good" morman girl. =)
And if anyone had told me they had a reputation to consider, I would have punched them in the nose.

I laughed at the Pez dispenser and I'm sorry about croup. Yuck! I think all my kids are finally getting over all their sickies. (cross my fingers)

Casey said...

I love these posts each Monday! I have to admit that the PEZ does kinda look like Jesus in a way!

Peterson Family said...

Oh wow. I can't believe your friend who wanted to consider his 'reputation' over dating you. Why bother writing all that stuff if you were just going to say "but I can't date you"?

Emily said...

Very funny! My daughter also wears the same dress almost 3 times a week--each time after its washed! She'd wear it everyday if I let her! And I agree, that looks like Jesus to me!

VandyJ said...

Sweet stories about your almosts. I think I had some almosts but nothing memorable.

Anonymous said...

Ok, that is hilarious about the Pez dispenser!

SafeHomeHappyMom said...

I am your latest follower!!! I love your blog, it's so chic. You can also follow me at

Shmonae said...

hahah, oh man the pez dispensor killed me! Smart kid :)

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

LOL! Ihave gone so far as throwing things out and letting it sit on the front step so she thinks I mean business.

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