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Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"

Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


When Mahone was 1, I used to put his hair in a faux-hawk. I called him Stud-muffin. So, if he wanted a faux-hawk, he'd bring me the gel and say "Dud-miffin!"
Once, at age 1, he put on Lilly's fairy wings and said "Mommy, I a bug!"
When we moved from Alabama to Utah, we drove through Texas and Arizona to get back to Utah where we were moving. Mahone was so excited when the mountains started to appear that in the back seat, he started shrieking "Big rocks! Big Rocks!!! BIG BIG ROCKS!!!!"
When he was 2, he said his name was "Hone Fraphael" (Mahone Raphael)
The day before Thanksgiving when Mahone was 2, we asked him what he was thankful for. His answer was "Thanksgiving, and rockets and snuggles."
At age 2, we were at my mom's and she had lost her voice. Mahone said "You need new batteries, Ammah? I don't have batteries in MY mouth."
Mahone went through a phase where he wouldn't answer to anything except for "Jack the pumpkin king" (Nightmare Before Christmas) and he also loved astronauts. So, once, he told us that he was "Jack Astronaut. (Say that outloud and TRY not to laugh.)
In March of '09, I asked Mahone how he and I were the same. He said "We both have bones"
Mahone LOVES Star Wars. When he was 3, he was being particularly naughty. I asked him what was up and he said "I'm just acting like Dark Vadar!!!"
Once, Mahone's dad was pretending to be the emperor from Star Wars and was tickling him with his "force lightning" and Mahone said "Dad, am I a jedi like my father before me?"
On October 4, 2009, Mahone said his bedtime prayer by himself. It went like this: "Heavenly Father, I'm thankful for this day. I'm thankful for my family and my closet and astronauts and worms. Please help me to be nice to my mom, but not nice to bad guys. I 'save' these things in the a name of jesus christ amen."
Once, in the car, Lilly and Mahone were fighting about something and Mahone cried out "MOM! Lilly's being an antagonist again!"
In September of 2010, Mahone was watching Currious George on Tv. When it came on, Mahone got excited and screamed "GEorge the Ape!" (who he previously called George the Monkey) and I asked why he was an Ape and Mahone said "He can't be a monkey mom- he doesn't have a tail!"
Once, the bishop came into the primary to announce the month's theme and he said "Is everyone happy to be here?" Everyone but Mahone said "Yes"- his voice was loud and clear and he said "No- I'm not!" Then, the bishop showed a picture of the earth and Jesus was above it. Mahone said "Jesus lives above the earth in the sky and I want to live with him I'll need to get a rocket pack."
We met my cousin David for the first time in the spring of '10, and he asked Mahone's name. He said "Superman." and my cousin said "No, your REAL name." And Mahone said "Clark Kent."
Mahone was watching Star Wars with his dad, and the part where Jabba the Hut makes Leia a slave came on. He said "I like Leia best when she is not dressed modest." Brandon, trying to enforce our beliefs on modesty said "But she's ALSO pretty when she IS modest." Mahone said "No. No she's not. I like the things she puts on her things."

Mahone: Mom, do you know Utah is an island?
Mahone: Yeah- because of the Salt Lake. people came here on boats, but got lost and went the wrong way. So now, we have Tooele.


Mahone to Scarlet: "Keep ASKING dad until he agrees!!!"


Mahone was wiggling around all over the place, and I asked him what he was doing. His answer: "I'm trying to make my body become even more fantastic."


(After going pee) "Our bodies take water and turn it into gold!"

It's Thanksgiving time. Have you heard about the sugar plums and the indians?


I am a child of God, and so my knees are gray....


Mom, do you want me to sing every song I know right now?


(At Kindergarten tea where he was wearing a nametag on his superman shirt) Why is everyone calling me Mahone? Can't they see I'm super man?!


Eschelle said...

your kid is fing hilarious!! how scrumptious!

Sunkist PTA said...

Aw, I love that little dude!

Blair Chucay said...

I'm just in love with all of these!! How did you keep track of all of them?

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