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Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"

Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"
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Monday, July 26, 2010


January 2008:
(while putting Lilly to bed)
me: Do you know you're a good girl?
L: Yes.
M: Do you know I love you?
L: Yes.
M. Are you a princess?
L: No, I'm a pirate princess!!!

I went to hug her one night, and she smiled really big and said BOOOOBS!!!! and I was like "what?!" and she said "I like to hug 'em!"

Once, Brandon put Lilly to bed and later asked me if I had read her her chameleon book, about a chameleon who changes colors, and I said no, why. He said "Because she just told me she wants to be a different color."

Once, Brandon told Lilly she was so cute he could eat her up. She looked horrified and said "But then I'd be gone!!!"

March of 2008
We were talking about the Easter bunny and how he was going to bring her a basket of goodies and Lilly got this look on her face like she had just figured something out and said "He has a car!?"

April of 2008
Just before Lilly's 3rd birthday, she would tell people that she was "2 for now."

May of 2008
In may, we moved from Alabama to Utah, and we stopped to see some friends in Texas. We walked into a room to see Lilly and Brandon (the little boy who lives there, and who is Lilly's "boyfriend") laying in bed and watching a movie. I said "Are you guys friends?" and Lilly said "Yes, we're sleeping together."

March of 2009
When we drive to preschool, which takes 45 minutes, we would talk about everything, and sometimes the conversation would end up about Jesus. So, once I told Lilly that when Jesus came again in the Millennium, he would be our leader, and Lilly said "But when we're at preschool, Miss Wendi is the leader."

Likewise, once, on the way to preschool, Lilly asked me to sing a song I didn't know, and I said "I don't know everything Miss Wendi says." and Lilly said "She SAYS don't put your hands in your mouth, and don't play with your shoes because they're not toys!!"

July of 2009
Brandon (Lilly's little boyfriend from Texas) came to Utah with his family to visit, and he had a birthday here. We went to his party, and in the meantime, we heard Lilly and Brandon talking while they were holding hands. The conversation went like this:
L: Brandon, I love you.
B: I love you too, Lilly.
L: What do you want to be when you grow up?
B: A super-doctor-surgeon-dentist-astronaut-rock star-hero.
L: Okay. I think that will make enough to support our family.

August of 2009
Once, Lilly tried to interrupt a conversation that Brandon (her dad) and i were having. We told her not to interrupt, and she got really upset and started crying and said "I-AM-NOT-A-VOLCANO!!!!"

June of 2010
One Sunday, Lilly was eating a sky blue sucker, and she looked at me and said "mom! I think that sky must taste like cotton candy!"

July of 2010
One morning, Brandon woke up cranky, and Lilly brought him a rock, and said "Daddy, this rock has Lilly magic in it, and it will help you not be cranky. And if you're still cranky, let me know and I'll find you a bigger rock."

Me: No one is perfect.
Lilly: Brandon and Jesus are perfect.
Me: Brandon's not perfect either, Lilly.
Lilly: Really? I was pretty sure he is.

Lilly: "Mom, Zarah has a mommy and a daddy tooth."
Translation: Lilly's friend, Zarah, from school, lost two teeth and now has adult teeth in their place.


At Halloween: "Happy Samhain!" / "Happy Celtic New Year!" (At every door.)


Mom, are you going to put the laundry away sometimes this school year?


Any time Lilly sees something "old" or a scene from a past time in a movie: "Mom, is this 'back in the day'?"

(While reading a Book of Mormon comic book) Hey!!! They had Flip Flops back in the day?!!!"


Lourie said...

Oh it is so great that you wrote you these down!!!

melissa said...

LOVE IT! this is why i blog - its a place to write down the adorableness before i forget what they said!!

Chels said...

Awe. Lilly sounds basically ADORABLE. Love it.

roadrunner201 said...

Hey girlie! I can't find an e-mail for you and haven't seen you around the community lately, so I was just checking in to see if you're doing o.k.

HeartBabyHome said...

What a cutie!! I have a ninja princess at my house ;) I think they'd get along.

Sunkist PTA said...

And she's the smart one. Maybe she should throw the rock at Grunt next time he's crabby. :) Just kidding! Don't give her that idea!

skycode1 said...

Love it! These will be forever great memories for you and her! Kids never cease to amaze me with what they say!!

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