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Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Blue Beetle, Wordless Wednesday

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My husband, who is so very infinitely a geek, and, yes, I find that completely adorable MOST of the time, would love nothing more than to BE Harry Dresden from the book series The Dresden Files- a very powerful and talented wizard who works independently as a consultant for the police department and solves magical crimes. He also drives a blue beetle. Brandon bought one. It does not suit our family's needs...and I'm making him sell it, much to his chagrin and that kind of breaks my heart.

If you're interested, let me know. It really IS stinking adorable. And it runs well.

***FOR THE RECORD, because I'm actually quite surprised at the several private emails I've gotten just this morning telling me how I'm a selfish witch of a wife to make my husband sell something he loves so much, just going along with the assumption that it really is something I owe an explanation about, I have to explain that it really isn't about that. LOL.
Brandon's car (a black Neon) broke down beyond repair in January of last year. He looked for a car, bought this one without discussing it with me or my dad, who is a skilled mechanic, among many other things. It cost 5000.00 because it's rebuilt and is a classic.
About 7 break downs later, and late nights spent waking my children, driving an hour to his work to pick him up in the middle of the night (he works until midnight each night) or begging rides and tows off friends, and one night that Brandon spent pushing his car down the freeway because he knew it would seriously piss me off to no end knowing that it happened AGAIN. It spent hours and days and lots of money in the shop for problems. And all of this in 3 months. Not to mention, we are about to have our 4th child and even if we could FIT carseats in the back of it, there are NO SEATBELTS. Yes I have a minivan. It doesn't mean I'm the only person who ever needs to take a child somewhere. It doesn't mean that occasionally I need to take half the kids while he needs to take the others somewhere.
In March, I made him buy a new car because the blue beetle he loved so much was just unreliable. And being pregnant and with 3 kids at home who need peace of mind and sleep at night, I told him he needed something we could rely on. He agreed completely and bought a Taurus for 800.00 that, while it won't fit all 4 of our eventual children, it WILL fit the 3 we have safely and comfortably. It was used as a high school drivers education car and so was maintained meticulously. It works.
In the mean time, for the last several months, my dad, the genious mechanic that he is, spent quite some time with my husband, fixing all of it's problems. It's still old, it still rattles, but it runs, amd well. And we just can't afford to have a car sitting in our driveway, no matter how loved or adorable, for the rest of forever, or until it's something that is right for our family.
It's not about being a jerk, or a selfish wife who doesn't ever indulge in my husband's hobbies or likes. It's about my children, our family, and what we need at the moment.
Anyway, I didn't really think that it'd sell by posting it here on my blog. Just thought I'd post about it because it pertains to my life. And that's what my blog is about.


Eschelle said...

poor hubby lol super cute car.

Natasha and Ethan said...

If I lived in the US I would so buy it. I love that car. Boo on living in Germany

I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

The ironic thing about that, Natasha, is that it's a German car. LOL.

Crystal Light said...

I find it very sad that you are making you husband sell something that he loves. Hopefully you can find a home for that car where someone else will love it also.

Tammy said...

If my girls were a little older, they would look super adorable in that car. Good luck selling it! Maybe you can buy hubby a little model car as a keepsake, lol!

ZippyChix said...

Have great memories of driving around in my friens sky blue bug...back in high school which was a billion years ago;) Although it was super cool then....I am in agreement with you, if my hubby purchased one now I would not be so happy. Happy Selling:)

Ellie Hirsch-Mommy Masters said...

Thanks for stopping by Mommy Masters. I knew your link sounded familar as I have been following for a while.
Take Care,

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