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Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"

Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

My newest quest.

I love projects.
I love to create. In fact, I have a very dominant NEED to create. For me, there is nothing more stifling than a moment that isn't filled with a chunk, ball, coil or otherwise pile of something that is nothing but can, with my hands and vast imagination, be turned into something. Particularly if that something can end up being wonderful, unique and desired by someone else.
After all, in my opinion, if I create something that is only of use or interest to myself but no one else, then I have failed entirely.
I have many hobbies.
My blog for example, which is wonderful for me because as it grows, as I read other blogs, become friends and share things about my life with you, my blog becomes a source of constant validation...which, for my ego, is a must.
I sculpt (i know you probably didn't know this about me. It's not my most prominent hobby. I don't spend a lot of time on it any more- but I can't bring myself to get rid of my supplies.) with polymer clay.
I make Fairy Wings ( to see lots and lots of pictures, or visit to order your very own pair!)
I quilt, I am an amiture model and photographer. I sing, until i broke my ankle, I was a ballroom, ballet, swing and Irish dancer. I Make spoon charms and jewelry, and I love all things crafty.
In the mean time, somewhere, I perform motherly and wifely duties, clean my house, and, if there's any time left, I sleep.
Sooooooo, since I NEED another hobby to occupy my extensive amounts of extra time, I am learning to crochet. (Note the gooey mess of sarcasm pooling on my keyboard.)

When I was a child, I spent hours upon hours rolling her variant colors of yarn into big soft balls, and sticking the needles into it like it was some kind of spindly atom.

It wasn't long, though, before I was a grown up and completely loathed the thought of crochet. And knitting, and whatever else to do with yarn.

Yarn=fat and ugly.

I purposely missed the Relief Society meetings where the 'older' women were going to teach us 'younger' women how to do these works of art.

I know, I know- a lot of people out there crochet...but with stigmas like:

(Really? Do you REALLY think this looks prettier sitting on your side board or end table than the bare box of tissue?)

(um.....WHERE would one put this?)

(One can never have too many pot holders.)

(How is this NOT tacky?)

('nough said.)


However, last Christmas, I bought both of my daughters knitted ponchos that were just adorable. They are very colorful, with flowers and long goblin hoods that come to a tasseled point on the tip. They are so cool, and inspire all kinds of elf photography (once again: )
Unfortunately, Scarlet took a loose end on hers and unraveled a huge hole in her poncho. And I cried.
I THINK my mother in law will be able to fix it. I can't knit. And I am learning to crochet instead. It seems easier. And one of my requirements for my hobbies (and one of the biggest reasons that I don't sculpt very often anymore) is instant (or at least sort of soon) gratification. i hate projects that take for freaking ever to get done- which is probably the only reason I haven't yet picked up house renovations.
I recently ordered a whole bunch of pointed elvish hat and shoe patterns off of It seems that, even though past crochet projects were nothing but hideous, all those crafty, chic and creative women out there, are coming up with infinite creations that really are wonderful and unique. I can't wait! I'll post pictures of anything that turns out decent! I promise!


Eschelle said...

I wish i could do even ONE of those things! If you learn to knit post up instructions I have been trying to teach myself at a HUGE FAIL! :D

Michelle@Somedaycrafts said...

Those are the grossest shorts I have ever seen! Please do not attempt to recreate them! LOL! I have no idea where that iron-on was bought. I emailed Lynette, but have not heard back from her. GOod luck! ( you could try to google it.)

Tammy said...

My Mom crochets, but usually its just cute baby blankets & maybe the occasional scarf. If she ever crocheted a giant crab, I would start to worry & have an evaluation done on her. LOL! I won't even comment on the shorts, like you said... 'nuff said!

You are very talented and I am somewhat jealous! I twirled baton as a kid up into my teen years, now I would probably fall flat on my face even trying. I do love blogging though!

Have a great Monday!

Melissa said...

You are very creative. I don't think I have ever seen crocheted shorts.

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