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Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hot Dog!!!
(For those reading NOW, I will post pics of my dog in the morning. I'm tired! Night!)

So, I hear that in other parts of the country, there is something going on called 'Snowpalooza" or something of the like.

February's in Utah tend to be the coldest month of the year. Bitter, sharp, unrelenting cold. If it doesn't snow in February, there is usually a drought that starts in mid-July, which, right now, is leaving me with absolutely NO hope of a green lawn, because while it's snowing whole glaciers everywhere else in the country, it's nearing 60 degrees here.

The snow is nearly almost gone, and our yard is proudly displaying the neglect we gave it near the end of the summer, with lily carcasses in front of our bay window, the grass is yellow with winter, and overgrown in parts because our lawn mower died in late August, but bare in parts where we will have to replant grass because our sprinkler system didn't quite hit certain areas.

It's pretty ugly out there.
The backyard, though, is worse. Not only is the place strewn with toys and camp chairs that have been forced to weather the winter storms, there are holes everywhere!


Have you ever seen a dog bury a bone? I mean, for real. Not in the movies, because we've all seen dog's antics in the movies. Lady and the Tramp is what comes to mind for me. A dog has a very tasty looking bone, around which, he licks his chops like he would drool if he didn't, and then he buries it in a type of bank under the flower beds.

Hunter is very much the perfect dog.

But he has a flaw- he buries bones. (I'm also pretty sure he buried one of those toy ducks that people use to teach a dog to hunt, too.)

We discovered Hunter's one flaw a couple of days after we brought him home from the pound. The dog wouldn't play. He was a little overweight (He still is. Brandon calls him a dogapotamus) and while he would sprint across the yard after our children, stay within the boundaries of our yard, and come when we said his name, he wouldn't play with squeak toys, or chase a ball. However, he has two weaknesses. Milk bones, and cow knuckles. You know, the kind you can buy anywhere they have dog toys, but they're big old cow joints with meat and basting still on them?

Hunter likes to bury them.

We saw him out of our bedroom window, and Brandon and i both just about died laughing. We had ALWAYS heard about dogs burying their bones in the ground, and seeing it in the movies. But though we'd both grown up with multiple dogs, we'd never seen a dog actually do it! Of course, our entertainment faded fast. We didn't want holes all over the yard. Hunter was banned from having his bones in the yard.

Somehow, though, he must have been sneaking them out, because for the last few days, with all this sunshiny, spring promising weather, Hunter has been bringing in bone after bone after bone. I'm starting to wonder if there's some kind of velosiraptor fossil in my back yard or something, because every day there's a new muddy knuckle somewhere in my house, soaking my carpet with wet dirt and grass roots.

How in the WORLD does he remember where he put them all?


Kerri said...

Our dogs just like to dig. I don't think they've ever found anything. I think they like to dig and then watch me fall into their holes. I swear I can hear them chuckling.
I fixed my button (at least I believe I did) - it's yours to be grabbed! Thanks. ;o)

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

Oh that is funny! Not for you, but for your readers.

Our dog buries his bones inmy 2 year olds stuffed animals. When she moved into a toddler bed last year - we gutted her room of anything dangerous and it was just a bed.

My oldest daughter then brought in every single stuffed animal we owned and put them in a corner of the room. That is where Jack buries his bones and it is really cute to see him digging around in there to find them!

esianoyam3 said...

I wouldn't be surprised if there's a Velociraptor in your backyard. You wouldn't BELIEVE the kinds of things we found buried in our yard in Stansbury Park when DH was using the trencher to dig for our sprinklers.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

"Dogapotumas" that awesome. I never grew up with animals, but I do remember that my first job ever was when I was 10 years old it was was filling in the holes dug by their dog!

I still think there's a glitch in the weather system out here in the west. It should just rain the summer instead of waiting to make out lives miserable with all the snow.

But no one EVER listens to me!

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