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Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"

Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"
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Sunday, February 21, 2010


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I did NOT let my kids go barefoot in their crocs to play outside, even though it's still cold, because there were buds on the trees, and so I did NOT feel that this was Mother Earth's way of telling me that I should let my children behave as though it were summer time.

I did NOT wear knee high boots and a long skirt to church explicitly so that I would NOT have to shave my legs. I am NOT that lazy.

I do NOT bribe my children. Daily.

Lilly does NOT constantly tell me what SHE is going to do when SHE is a mommy, and it is NOT infinately better than what I do. NOR did she, when I wasn't looking, stick her whole hand into the bag of sugar I was using to bake with, and scoop out an entire fistful to eat raw.

Scarlet did NOT wake me up this morning, stark naked, and then refuse diapers/underwear all day long.

Scarlet is potty training, and when she needs to go, she does NOT yell "Goody time!!" instead of "Potty Time" like I tried to teach her. As stated above, I do NOT bribe my children.

Since Scarlet is potty trainng, she is NOT running the house naked 98% of the time. And she does NOT have such a cute little baby bum that I do NOT have to spank it (love-tap) every chance I get.

Mahone did NOT swing from the kitchen bannister from Hunter's dog leash while wearing his Indiana Jones hat. He does NOT insist that it is a whip, and he does NOT want a real one for his birthday.

(OMG, he does NOT look JUST like my husband!)

Mahone does NOT refuse to answer to anything but "Super Jedi Annikin Skywalker" - Unless it's Indiana Jones. Then he's okay with it.

Hunter, since the ground is thawed and no longer frozen, has NOT dug up the whole backyard and brought in NO LESS than 9 bones.( I thought I was pretty good at keeping them inside, where he could just chew them and then I'd throw them away. Aparently we have a dinosaur in our yard or something, because I don't think all those bones were his to begin with.)

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The MEme of the day is: AS SEEN ON TV

I'm not an infomercial watcher. My brother is. He's 16 now, but from the time he was a really young child, he would wake up early on Saturday morning, drag his blankets down the hall, footie jammies padding along the way, and curl up for a morning full of...cartoons? NO! Infomercials! Every hour or so, he would wander in to lecture my mother on the new vacuume cleaner or blender or food storage containers that he just knew she needed.

Me? I was never interested. Mostly, it's because I've never been too much into television. Yes, i watch a lot of movies, but I don't see very much television.

Admittedly, when I gave birth to my youngest baby, Scarlet, a little over two years ago, i was bored out of my mind in the hospital. Don't get me wrong, I was happy for the break, but there wasn't much to do. My baby slept a lot. And I watched television.

And I became obsessed with Turbo Jam workout videos.

I remember that it was on all day long on a certain cable channel. Success story after success story filled my brain with promises. I really think it was the mom of 7 babies (All at one time) that did it for me. She was a size 12 after delivering them by c-section. Now, she was a size 2.

Of course, having given birth less than 24 hours before, i was flabby and fat. It was a no-brainer. i HAD to have the videos. With my credit card and the hospital telephone in my hot little hands, i ordered the dvds before my daughter was a day old.

At least I can honestly say that they weren't a waste of money.

It worked. And it worked well. Within 6 weeks of getting my OK to work out from my doc, I had GI-Joe lines, and my belly was flat. Albeit, I really did work hard, and i followed the nutrition regimen.

Unfortunately, I got comfortable, and i quit working out. it's been two years, and instead of the size 2 I was 10 weeks after my baby's birth, I'm a size 4. Not so bad. But I could be better.

I am definately dragging it back out after I have my next child. I know by then I will be motivated.

As seen on tv? YES! My brother was proud.


Casey said...

I love your Not me Mondays! They always crack me up!

Oka said...

There have been several workout videos I was convinced I could do, but knowing my self discipline I knew I would just be wasting money. So I never bought them.

Sounds like you did awesome, and I am sure you will again. As for me I could never be a size 4, even when my nickname was bones I was a size 12.

I am Lee-Ann... said...

Sounds like those videos worked at least! Too funny about your brother, lol.

Elizabeth said...

well I did NOT fall down 3 stairs in the temple while I was NOT being reverent and instead chatting with a friend. I did NOT twist my ankle and it is NOT swollen in front of 45 or more Temple goers. And 4 or more old people did NOT want to call 911 for my injury. ha ha

I just read your message on my blog! That was awesome. I totally think Hannah looks tons like Jessie. I have said it before! She Looks like my mom and so does Jessie! ha ha Thanks for sharing, that was FUN!

Adrienne said...

you have such adorable children and a good looking pooch too =)

Lourie said...

I do not bribe my children either.

I do not turn on the TV for my son just to give me a break from his....enthusiasm.

I also do not suggest he play on the 'big computer"

I (really) do not have boots, and I'm (seriously) not considering getting some.

I do not hide annoying toys and then pretend to not know of their whereabouts.

I DO love this game!!!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

ROFL!! I did NOT call my husband Tyler today (I use fake names on my blog and apparently am mixing them up) OOPS!

I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

Oh man! I ahve called Brandon "DH" before. I spend too much time on forums.

Wanderer said...

Have I mentioned lately that you rock? Because you totally do. I'm jealous of your hot self! And I did NOT ignore the laundry I was supposed to be doing for more than 2 hours so I could re-watch Moulin Rouge and play on Facebook!
I have a new little girl in my preschool who reminds me so much of Lilly that sometimes it makes my heart hurt missing you guys. We NEED a VACATION! Disney, anyone? ;)

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