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Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"

Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"
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"In all of living, have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured." — Gordon B. Hinckley
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Not Me Mondays

Welcome to "not me" Monday!! Please click on the button above to find out what everyone else is [not] doing!!

The week has actually been pretty tame! I don't have too many flaws to report, and my children were pretty decent as well. But still, you may enjoy the few 'not mes' I do have.

Last Tuesday, I did NOT break out one of the boxes of chocolates that my husband bought for my children, and eat the entire thing by myself. (Hey, Aunt Flow was in town, and demanded a chocolate sacrifice.)

I did NOT let Mahone run off and play while I finished his valentines for school because he was being a whiny pain in my neck.

Ever since Avatar reared it's promising head in preview on the silver screen, I have NOT been uninterested. Who cared if everyone I knew and their dog raved about how spectacular it was, and how it was the best movie ever MADE. I mean, just because my friends are jumping off a bridge....

On Saturday, which was NOT Brandon's and my only date so far this year, I did NOT announce with gusto that I would never see Avatar, because it looked ridiculous. Upon arriving at our little town's tiny theatre, we did NOT discover that Avatar was the only movie that hadn't started yet, and wasn't already 15 minutes into the film. I was NOT shamefully cranky about having to see it (or go home- which would suck considering it was only 7:30)

I did NOT cry when their tree was destroyed, and i did NOT thoroughly enjoy the movie that I was so keen on despising. (I AM GOING TO BUY IT THE DAY IT COMES OUT!!!- It seems that when my friends jump off a bridge, I join them. I mean, why not? I DO trust my friends entirely...)

Later on that night, I did NOT pretend that I was still on the rag so that I wouldn't have to put out in the name of 'Valentines day'.

I did NOT cry my eyes out at church when I found out that the relief society was asking for donations of new stuffed animals for children who needed rides in ambulances. I was NOT suddenly overwhelmed again by the thought that I could have lost Scarlet.

Sunday was, in fact, my mom's Chihuahua's first birthday, and she did NOT make her wear a tiny sombrero hat while we sang 'Happy Birthday dear Bronwen" to her majesty.

Scarlet did NOT leave a purple crayon in her pocket this week, which was NOT discovered in the dryer, melted all over all the clothes. Thank goodness for Zout, and the fact that it happened to be a washable Crayola crayon (Though, one would assume that since it was supposed to be washable, it wouldn't have gotten all over everything in the first place.)

Scarlet was NOT put on time out yesterday for yelling things at her brother like "Shush it, Mahoney!" and "Momma doesn't CARE, Mahoney!" and saying things to me like "Don't talk to me!"

Scarlet ALSO did NOT wake at 6 am, get out of bed to steal away her sleeping sister's beloved 'pink blanket' (which is actually a dull gray now) to taunt her with it, waking the entire house.

Also today, I am supposed to include my favorite quote. And OH, I COULD WRITE A BOOK! I love quotes. And I love many of them. For today, I'm going to choose one from a good, close friend of mine, Henry David Thoreau.

"The greater part of what my neighbors call good I believe in my
soul to be bad, and if I repent of anything, it is very likely to be my
good behavior. What demon possessed me that I behaved so well?"

Today, I remind myself not to be TOO responsible. Don't forget to laugh. Don't forget to play. Don't be too hard on my children, because they are, in fact, children.
Have a LOVELY Monday!!!


Buckeroomama said...

I haven't seen Avatar yet and am not that keen.... Who knows, I might end up liking it, too? :)

Small Burst said...

You're alot stronger than I am. I would have eaten the box of chocolates!

Kerri said...

I would love to see a pic of the tiny sombrero wearing chihuahua. It just sounds adorable. I would NOT laugh... ;o)
Happy Monday.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL, yes, that was awesome.
I'm still bemoaning a super cute baby sweater that was utterly destroyed by a stray yellow crayon. And no amount of soaking or spraying could save it.

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

A tiny sombrero - OMG how cute!! I am a bad pet owner, we just give a treat with peanut butter on it for our dogs birthdays.

Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip said...

Must see pic of chihuahua in tiny sombrero!!! Too cute. Your not me's we hysterical. I loved the crayon in the wash. That has totally happened to me. And I also loved Avatar despite the fact that I thought it was going to be DAncing with Smurfs. I totally cried too!!

I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

Sorry friends!!! I am hopefully going to have a pic of the little hat on the chiuahua up later today- I didn't take my camera with me yesterday because I didn't know it was supposed to be a birthday party. LOL! So, my mom has to email me some.

Anonymous said...

I completely sympathize (empathize?) with the need to make a chocolate sacrifice every once in a while.

I loved Avatar and almost cried as well. Seeing it in 3D was totally worth the $25 we spent on our only date in over two years :)

Happy Monday!

esianoyam3 said...

Scarlet is my hero! :P

Sorry, but that little sombrero sounds adorable - and I'm typically not a fan of clothing and accessories for dogs. Can't wait to see pics!

I'm still hoping that DH gets to see Avatar in the theatre - sad story about why he didn't get to see it on the first attempt.

The Half Assed Housewife said...

LMAO at the sombrero. That is too cute. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

T.J. said...

See, now I was not too in to seeing Avatar either. All those around me adore it, but I was in the same boat as you. Now what do I do?! If you liked it, then I'm thinking I will eventually cave to the Avatar crowd! Thanks for visiting my blog- you have a fun spot here :)

Kristi @ Live and Love...Out Loud said...

You have me in stitches! I especially love the little bit about being on rag and not having to put out on V-Day. You. Are. A. Genius. Why didn't I think of that? lol
I hope you'll stop by my blog and see what we've going on in this week's Not Me! Monday.

Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

Angie's Junk said...

I'm so glad you visited my blog... and I'm following you now too!

I thought I was one of the only 10 ppl on the planet that hadn't seen Avatar. Well, I guess there's only 8 of us left now. Hopefully I'll get to it before it's out of the theaters!

nancy said...

Just happened upon your blog. You made me laugh out loud! Thanks, I needed that!!!!

JennyMac said...

these made me laugh..especially that you finished your kiddos valentines for school because he was being whiny. LOVE it.

Sunday said...

Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!
I LOVED your post! It cracks me up the things that we swore we would never do as mothers and then we find ourselves doing those exact things on a daily basis.

I wish you and your hubby many romantic nights in TTC!

Been there, done that! And it wasn't easy!

Lisa said...

Love your quote!

Muthering Heights said...

My daughter yells at her siblings too...I have to keep her from yelling, "Lily, I will HANDLE IT!!!"


Yellow House said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who isnt interested in Avatar. Your post cracked me up. Thanks for sharing!

Stacey said...

Those are SO funny! I still haven't seen Avatar, but I figured it must be good because my mom actually offered to watch my six kids so I could go see it.

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