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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thursday Writer's Prompt

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Mama's Losin' It

So, as an avid writer with pretty clear cut memories who thinks in complete sentences, when I look at Mama Kat's list of prompts each Wednesday, I usually know exactly what I want to write about. This time, though, it was harder to decide. I'm going to have to make comments about more than one today.

1. If you had to relive a day in your life, what day would it be?

Assuming this day would be a day that I could change, I'd go back to September 21, 2009 and move the television off of the dresser, as I had intended to that very morning. Then my little Scarlet would never have been in that situation.

As far as reliving a certain DAY without being able to change it? Well, that's really hard, because I don't really remember a specific day that was the best day of my life. I remember some really spectacular summers, some excellent trips and some stellar school years. I remember classes that I was consistently excited to go to throughout the entire school year. I remember some wonderful intimate moments that happened at the end of some really rotten days, and days that started out the best ever, but ended in tears. I just don't think that I can narrow my life down that way.

Here's a question though- does it make me a bad wife that my wedding day was not the greatest day of my life? Honestly, I don't remember much of it. It was a haze. I was stressed out, I was nervous. I didn't really like my dress, I really hated my botched hair cut, my new husband's old car ran out of gas and wanted me to help him push it 5 blocks to the gas station- IN MY WEDDING DRESS. My photographer was kind of a flop, and they were short on corsages for my party. My reception was positively lovely, and that made up for a lot. But really, the whole day was just a nightmare.

2. When do you first imagine yourself wishing you were older or bigger?

Well, honestly, I thoroughly enjoyed my youth. I was born in July and that meant that when I went to school, I was the youngest in my class for most cases. I was also the smallest. Really, I'm pretty much STILL the smallest, standing a whole 5 feet 3 inches tall (beats the crap out of my mom who's 4'11") and I weigh about 112. Still, I reveled in my youth, and was proud of being petite. I actually cried when i turned 25 and I've cried every year since. I'm 27 now. I feel like an old fogey. Really, though, I was boy crazy, which brings to mind the ever classic song "Wouldn't it be Nice" by the Beach Boys, I never really wanted time to just 'hurry up'. I DO, however, remember two incidents where I wished I were older or bigger.

The first time, I was in second grade, and i had brought my little friend, Patty, home for a play date. We were playing dress up, and she already had budding breasts. I was only 7. She was 9 (as I was on the younger end of the second grade spectrum, she was on the older end.) I stuffed toilet paper into my dress and made myself some 'girls'. Little did i know the irritation they'd be when I suddenly grew them 7 years later.

The second time, I was lying in bed at 9:00 pm- very abnormal for me- on prom night when I was a sophomore in High School. Being young, I was only 15 until late summer that year, and on top of that, being Mormon, I was unable to date until I turned 16 years old, so even if I had been asked (which I wasn't) I couldn't have gone. I am a still a little bitter about that whole incident.
I was going to write about my routine as well, but it's late, my husband's wearing a kilt, and we're watching Far and Away (one of our many traditional St. Patrick's Day movies.) So, I have some makin' out to do.
Night, folks!


Jenners said...

I think the big secret about weddings is that they are not very fun for the bride and groom. Too many people to visit or thank ... too much stress. But it NEVER stops anyone from trying to make it perfect ... little knowing it will go by at warp speed.

Visiting from Mama Kats

Rachel said...

I've only been married a year and I don't remember much about my wedding day. I agree with Jenners, they aren't much fun for the bride and groom! I'm off to check out your spoons on etsy now!

Aging Mommy said...

We enjoyed our wedding day - we were living in England back then ten years ago, but we had friends we had made during our time living in Belgium and Ireland (I worked with them both) who had moved to Florida. So we came over to visit them and decided we'd get married in the Fort Lauderdale County Courthouse, which is where they married in a hurry when they arrived in Florida (he is American and she is German). So they had no friends and family with them that day and no honeymoon. We never wanted a big fuss of a wedding so decided to just head off on vacation, not tell anyone except our Florida friends what we were doing, and come home married. We got married in our shorts, with our friends in attendance (who both cried) then headed off with them on a Honeymoon cruise. Not only did we enjoy it but so did they and they finally got to take a Honeymoon too. My MIL has still not forgiven us for a) running off to get married and b) getting married in our shorts....

As for days of my life I would repeat without being able to change a single thing, there are too many to be able to pick just one, but they all involve special time with friends and family.

As a child I never wished to be older and as I get older and older I wish I was just a little bit younger, but not much. I used to wish I LOOKED older as at 21 people would mistake me for a 14 year old so getting into bars etc was always a lot of trouble!

Tina Lane said...

Weddings are very stressful. I don't blame you one bit, especially about pushing the car in your wedding dress. That stinks.

Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I didn't like my dress, or my hair, or anything about the way I looked on my wedding day.
And I HATED our photographer. But he was a family friend so I wasn't allowed to say no to him offering to snap some shots. There is a reason we don't have wedding pictures hanging up anywhere.

There are many days I would change, but not sure which one I'd want to relive.
I loved my youth, I really did! But I DID want to be older. All my friends were four years older then me and it was frustrating not being able to do the same things they were. Then they all left for college and missions, leaving me to play with kids my own age.

I was sad.

And I'm 5'7". Growing up I wished I was shorter. I didn't like being "tall". Now I've just accepted I can't do anything about it and will slip on my 5'' heels whenever I darn well please! Good thing my husband's 6'1"!

I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

Aging- your wedding sounds LOVELY! I'm so glad you had a good time! I'd LOVE To go to Ireland. (I honestly would up and move there if I wouldn't miss my family so much! DH and I have actually talked about it! Maybe I will someday. Lilly is on board about it! LOL!)

Serene- My photog was my father in law. He was late for everything, bragged about how wonderful he was at it, and I got crappy pictures that looked like snapshots, not professional photographs. Nothing frameable. Thanks to my good friend Shallyse, and my SIL, steph, we did some pictures AFTER my wedding that turned out pretty. But still- I regret not hiring a real one.

Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip said...

LOVE the bra stuffing incident. I totally remember being jealous of my friends who grew breasts before me. Also, my wedding day was a blur too. I loved it, but it went by so fast it's hard to remember the specifics. I love reading your blog. You are such a fun, open person. It's great getting to know you through your writing!

Amy said...

it surprises my how many people would do their wedding day over again- improve on things and remember other things. i can't believe you ran out of gas! But, they say a bad wedding day or a bad honeymoon mean a good marriage. Oh wait- did I make that up? :)

Lourie said...

Yeah my wedding day wasn't the best day either. I had to replace a bridesmaid dress, the photographer was new in the business and took FOREVER wanting everything to be PERFECT. I had to invite two people whom I wish I had not. It was a courtesy thing.

I probably always wanted to be bigger and older since I am the baby of the family, and my BFF is a year older than me.

27? Awww you are a youngster. You may not feel that way, but you are.

Simply Valorie said...

Oh God. Your story of your wedding day sums up ALL of my fears about mine (whenever it may come). Sometimes, I have such anxiety attacks about it, that I almost DON'T want to get married, just so I can avoid all the stress.

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