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Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Okay, well, I had SO many things to write about until I abandoned the Memes...then all I had to write about was writers block and how badly it sucks. Besides, I really like Letters of Intent.


Dear Mr Ford Truck-
I know you're all big and manly in your sparklingly clean, raised, big tired, lots o' lights compensating phallic symbol, but we are not animals. You are not a bull, and my little green mini van with the Celtic and butterfly tramp stamp decals is not a cow for you to mount.
Back off my bumper!

For the record, I was already going 75 in a 60 MPH zone, and I would have gotten into the slower right hand lane if I wasn't consistently passing cars. Not to mention, there was a car in front of me (note the car and a half length distance between the two of us) that wasn't going any faster than I was, so your riding my tail like I was some kind of Saloon girl wasn't going to make me speed up any. You can't go faster than the car in front of you. Most of us have learned that- however, it is obvious that you have not.

Furthermore, when I DID have a chance to move into the right lane, why in the world did you follow me there, continuing to follow close enough to hold a pencil between us? When I was a kid, at dances, some chaperon would come and stuff a text book between me and the boy I was dancing with, and that was a slow dance, not a high speed chase as this was turning out to be. Why not pass me?

Again, we are not animals, we are not dogs, and you did not have to sniff my butt. No pheromones involved here.
Really. I'm not interested. Move ON.


If it happens again, I'm slamming on the brakes.


Adrienne said...

I hate tail gaters....gggggrrrr

Rachel said...


We have a fun bunch of guys called the "ADAT" crew: Agressive Driver Apprehension Team.

These boys drive kickbutt cars that don't look a thing like law enforcement rigs.

When they pull up behind you in a 'Vette, after watching you ride someone's tail for 2 miles... you'll be shocked at the red and blue lights and big grin of the cop behind the wheel.

Where are those ADAT boys when you need 'em???

Sorry - those kind of drivers suck.

Aging Mommy said...

Something happens to some otherwise perfectly sane, normal people (usually males but sometimes females too in my experience) that turns them into unrecognizable demons. At least I hope that's what it is and that they're not like that all the time!

liz said...

People like that make me want to scream. He probably had a "ball sac" hanging of the tow, too. Have you seen those? I never did until moving to the South.

Foursons said...

Oh my goodness, Mr. phallic symbol Ford truck needs to take a class on road rage. Geez lousie dude. Hahaha, I just typed "Geez louise dude."

Next time it happens and you do slam on your breaks make sure to have your camera phone ready to document it all so we can be witnesses of the jerk's reaction. :D

Thanks for linking up, I love a good road rage story and am so happy you are sticking with me!

Marice said...

i so hate those too! joining you guys

u may view mine here

julie said...

Yep, I hate that too! Of course, I'm also chuckling at your description of the guy... I used to date a guy with a truck like that. Boys and their big boy toys... that they take oh-so seriously... funnyfunnyfunny. I'm so glad I have two X chromosomes! :P

Lourie said...

What a jerk. actually, I think he must have been the king. I hate tail gaters.

the Spocks said...

Visiting from Foursons. Great letter.

Elizabeth said...

uhmmm... bah ha ha I kinda love you!

Ps I can't wait to photograph your well behaved children ;).

pps I wanna see some pix of you meeting my "most handsome" brother... self titled.

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