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Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"
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Sunday, March 28, 2010

A rose by any other name....

My name is Brae. I know. It's different. Many people tell me it's beautiful, and usually ask me to repeat it several times.

It's not hard. Not if you understand the English language. You've heard the preschool poem "When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking. It makes a sound just like it's name, the second one goes to sleep."

So, with that in mind, one should know it's pronounced "Bray" Long A, silent E.

All three of my years in junior high school, I had the same teacher for 4 different classes. He was my science teacher for 3 years, and my last year there, he was also my home room teacher. Every single day for 3 years and 4 classes, Mr. Sherratt would call roll and over the chatter of students, he would say "Brea?" (which he pronounced Bree-uh)

I would answer with "It's Br-ay"

Once, somewhere in 8th grade, I stopped answering his call for "Bree-uh", and simply ignored him, thinking I'd teach him a lesson.

Instead, my parents got a phone call stating that I hadn't been in class for over a week, and I was the one who learned the lesson.

From that point on, i just answered "Here."


This Saturday, which was too long and awful to go into much detail about, we were walking around Wal-mart while our car was serviced, and Mahone, dressed, as usual, in his superman cape, was flying much too far ahead of us for my comfort. He also has this knack for being under people's feet and on top of everything else at the most inopportune times.

So, I broke out the middle name.

"Mahone Raphael!" my son did a loop, one hand at his waist, the other in a fist out in front of him. But he behaved.

Brandon mentioned, with a smirk, that he could always tell how long he was grounded by how many names his mom called him by.

"Brandon!" meant "Be right back, guys."

"Brandon Craig!" meant "See ya in an hour guys."

"Brandon Johnson Craig!" meant "See ya tomorrow guys."

"Brandon David Johnson Craig!" meant "see ya next week."

"Brandon David DAMN-IT Johnson Craig!" meant "See ya in AT LEAST a month, guys- and that's if I live through it."

My dad usually called me "Miss Lee" (Lee being my middle name) when he had something to talk to me about, but it wasn't that serious, but I don't think my parents ever used my name at all when they were angry at me.

Now a days, I have a nickname for my husband. He hates it. He always has, but it's just always been what I call him. He teases that he knows when I'm angry, because it's the only time I call him something affectionate, like "honey." Otherwise, i just call him "Punk."

In retaliation, he has developed a nickname for me, and calls me "Brat." If he calls me "Brae" then I know he is serious.

So, the question posed is- would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Yes. But how many names do you think Romeo's mom called him by when she found out he had murdered Tybalt, married a girl who was supposed to be his enemy, and then killed himself on her death bed? Hm. I wonder.


Tori said...

I love this post! This is my first comment too! My 3 daughters have long names so if I take the time to yell Abigail Rebecca Ledford. She knows. Oh does she know! And you hear her sisters say..."ooooh what did you do??" LOL

Lourie said...

If I was in serious trouble it was all three names. Our kids know it's serious when all three names are used. As for our Romeo...well...I am sure Mother Montague had to say his full name more than once.

Bathwater said...

I don't think it is all in the name, I think when we are fond of someone we tend to come up with another name that makes them more familiar to us.

My girl of the moment has just become "my Amish girl".

liz said...

I had never heard the 2nd half of that preschool poem! I agree about the names/nicknames. I often wonder where most of the nicknames I use, actually originated. And all of us, with the exception of the baby, have 1 syllable names. Which means I actually make it harder on myself with these multi-syllable nicknames I use. :)

I grabbed your button to add to my BlogRoll page.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I admit, I use my kids full names when they're in trouble. I can't help it! It just comes out!

I don't remember my mom using our last name much, I just remember it was n the WAY she said my name that would determine how much trouble I was in.

And my dad called me "Scupper".

Don't tell anyone! =)

Dolli-Mama said...

That's funny! When I say my son's first two names, he hops up and finished with his last name and "I love you," followed by a big smile! Then he usually ends up getting away with whatever it was he was doing. I'm a sucker for "I love you."

*Jess* said...

My husband never calls me by my name, Jessie. He calls me Pookie. I know he's mad at me when he calls me Jessie!

esianoyam3 said...

I've always loved your name.

I've got one of those names, too. The first year DH and I were married, his grandma addressed our Christmas gift to "George and Lisa." I cried for about a week. ;)

char_char said...

Brae, I love your name! I'm glad that I sort of fell on your blog :) I'm gonna add your button to my blog so I can keep reading yours :) Good to see you!

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