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Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it...

Kay, so, it's no secret that I'm a raving attention seeker who loves recognition and to be in the spotlight. So, whenever my blog is validated by other blogger, I get all warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

Little Miss Nerd Girl My BBBF (Best Blogging Buddy Forever!) issued me a challenge.

The Challenge: List seven previous blog posts based on various criteria, and then issue the challenge to several other bloggers.

I ACCEPT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most Beautiful (Haikus to my kids.) - This was written for my children before I had Teague- in fact, I was newly pregnant with him. I have posted this twice, actually, in the past, because I think I did a good job on the Haikus and I think YOU will find them beautiful as well.

Most popular- (What do these pictures have in common?) - Keep in mind, this is based on comments, not on "views", but, aside from giveaways, this post had the most comments. It was the way I announced my pregnancy- which, unfortunately ended as a chemical pregnancy a week later. It was very sad. But the pictures are still cute, and the post is still sweet.

Most controversial- (Touchy Topic Tuesdays) is something that I have done throughout my whole blogging experience. It's been a very enlightening meme, and there have been some really amazing discussions. I could probably pick several that were fairly controversial (the one about little girls and makeup comes to mind. SHEESH! Or the one about mommy confessions. Holy cow, someone ripped me a new one on that!) But I chose two to post because they go hand in hand. I was honestly surprised by the controversy in these, as I thought they were fairly silly and innocent. What you CAN'T see, in the comments, is that on Touchy Topic Tuesdays, when there is something that people feel strongly about, I regularly get an inbox full of emails that hold nothing back. Rude comments. Name calling, and so on. They don't want to be seen or challenged ON my blog, they just want to say their piece. I got a virtual whiplash from these two TTT's. And some of the emails are mentioned. (I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus) and (Have Yourself a Politically Correct Little Holiday Season) - Stay tuned, this Christmas, I'll probably post these again to inspire MORE discussion. I find it rather fascinating.

Most helpful- (Teague's Birth Story) - Yes, I realize you're probably like "Whaaaat?" How could my baby's birth story be helpful? I'll tell you: At the END of the birth story, there is a recipe for ginger snap cookies that are guaranteed to break your water. Worked for me in about 20 hours. My previous 3 babies all had their water broken by the doctors while they were crowning. I'm pretty sure my water actually breaking this time was because of the cookies. Even if you're not pregnant and want your water to break, try the cookies. They are A-MA-ZING.

Posts whose success surprised - (You're So Vain...) I'm not basing the term "success" on how many views or how many comments this post got. I'm basing it on the fact that the comments it got were VERY supportive of me when it could very easily have turned ugly and controversial. I was having a hard time with a certain person, and people who cared stepped up and made me feel better.

Post that got undeserved attention- (Brandon's STUPID blue beetle.) Once again bordering on "controversial" (are we picking up a pattern here yet?) this post got me a slew of hateful email, and really, it was just a bunch of pictures with a small caption about my irritation on the subject.

Post I’m most proud of-( The Deepest Definition of Youth....) and (What will my kids be?) Okay, so, I had to pick 2 again. I picked them because I feel that they are incredibly honest, real, and while they may be sad and betray my guilt, they are well written.

Now, to pass this challenge on to some other wonderful bloggers!!!

Dad To Libbs- I think he and I got off on the wrong foot- but he's awesome, hilarious, and I really enjoy his point of view. And, I'm a sucker for dad blogs.

Diplo Dad - Another great dad blog! All about his little boy who goes to school while they live in a different country.

Kathy- who writes about real stuff, and makes me LAUGH hysterically.

Not Just Another Mom of Twins - of course, a mom of adorable twins, blogging about more real stuff! Great hops and link ups!

Karen DawkinsKaren- who is awesome and helps me figure out all the stuff that's wrong with my blog, and then to fix it.

PhotobucketErin's blog inspires me, lets me know it's okay to be comfortable in my skin, and helps me look forward to life in general. <3

Okay, guys! Please accept this challenge! I'd love to read more of your favorite posts!


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Kathy said...

Brae thank you for the wonderful shout out!! Wow, now these awards are asking us to really work!!! I loved reading your list and I really enjoy reading your posts. I really admire how you put your oppions out there, very nicely written, I think that takes so much courge!! I also like reading them! Thank you again for inculiding me in such a great list of bloggers, most who I love and follow myself!! Much love to you!!

Lacey said...

I'm glad you did this because now I can read some of your favorite posts from the past, and I don't have to feel all weird and stalkerish about it. :o)

Lacey said...

Okay, so I am going through and reading all have small babies! haha My smallest was 8 lbs 4 oz, and all of my kids were at least one week early. Grayson was over nine pounds and two weeks early. If I had gone to 40 weeks with him he would have been a freakin' giant. lol

Okay, continuing on with my stalking now. :o)

Kim @ This Belle Rocks said...

Aw. I love your hubby's former blue Beetle! Sorry he had to get rid of it....but it certainly wasn't doing anyone any good being broken down all the time.

My "family" cars have always been a tight fit: Ford Mustang from when the boys were toddlers till last year, then last year when they were grown-man-sized teenagers, a late-model New Beetle.

I loved my Mustang (still have it; being restored to like-new condition by my stepdad), and I LOVE. MY. BEETLE!

Diplo_Daddy said...

Thanks for the invite. I did one of these a few days back. Have a look at the link below.

Diplo_Daddy--in Kuwait

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