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Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Not Me Monday and Things That Must Go!

Not Me Monday!!!
(I can't find the button on MckMama's blog, so i can't link back. Sorry.)

My sister did NOT get married this weekend to my new brother in law, who is NOT amazing!!! I am NOT completely excited to have him as part of our family!

I did NOT walk probably 100 miles through downtown Salt Lake City with her and her photographer.

It did NOT take nearly a half hour to lace up the back of her dress. We did NOT have to do it several different times throughout the day, and my mother was NOT terrified of doing I was NOT the one that ended up doing it. (To my HONOR, I might add!!!)

I did NOT get to spend the rest of the weekend with my amazing family, going out to eat, going to corn mazes, kids playing with cousins, and telling ghost stories.

While eating out at Fazoli's, we did NOT let my children sit with their cousins at their own table. While I was not looking, Scarlet did NOT go climb onto the lap of a motherly looking woman and her mother. They did NOT give her one of their bread sticks, and I was NOT mortified when I rushed over to pluck her up and apologize profusely. They did say that she was adorable and it was totally fine...but I'm pretty sure that that woman did NOT go home and blog about that wayward little girl and what a horrible mother I am. Somewhere in the blogosphere, someone is NOT talking about my terrible parenting.

I did NOT take Lilly to an appointment at Star Talent Studios. They did NOT sign her (with the suggestion of one 11 week class to teach her catwalk skills and camera marking skills.) and then, they did NOT insist on signing the whole family, right down to Teague and his darling red curls. Apparently, we're all darling. Brandon and I read a cold script and were NOT told we are "tier 1" which means we're ready to work without the need of classes. Now all we need are headshots! AHHHHH! I am NOT so extremely excited!

You know how this works, friends! Hurry and grab my button on the right sidebar, and link up with YOUR Things That Must Go!

1. Women who are over 30 who are more gossipy and dramatic than kids in high school. There is absolutely NO reason for or dignity in grouping together in a private place to make fun of a person who doesn't have any access to see what you're saying so that she can defend herself, or otherwise, choose the high road and say nothing at all. It's petty. Really. Grow up.

2. Cars that need upkeep. PLEASE someone invent a car that does not need oil changes, brakes fixed, tired rotated, or fluids replaced. It'd be great to not have to fix one thing just to start worrying about the next thing.

3. Fat threads on my serger sewing machine. I can't thread them through the needles. It sucks.

4. The fact that I can't figure out how to make the underlining go away- it always happens after I put pictures in.

Kay!!! Link up and tell us what things YOU need to get rid of!

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Debbie said...

hello! I'm visiting from not me Monday. Congrats on the Talent agency. That is awesome.
Love your blog - cracked up at your title header. I'm looking forward to reading more from you.

Rachel Joy said...

So what DID you do this weekend? ;) Agree with #1!!!

Leanne said...

Too funny about Fazolis! I'm glad the ladies were so gracious about it!

Congratulations to your sister! She was beautiful!! I'm so glad you like your new BIL! I had to do the ties on my best friend's dress when she was trying on dresses. There were some that took FOREVER to do, it felt like!

That's awesome about the talent agency!!

Michael Ann said...

Enjoyed this a lot! Your sister's dress is beautiful! Wow, you're all going to be famous!

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