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Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Caramel Apple Cider Cookies and Sweaters

Today, I am participating in possibly the LARGEST hop I have EVER seen. EVER. It's all about autumn! So, link up with your recipe, costumes, photos or other autumn favorite!

As for me, I have spent the last several weeks piled underneath tons of sweaters, and I gave one to a customer today (pictures are not yet ready, but will be up soon!) that I shocked even myself with, it's so beautiful! Lovely, warm, eclectic and one of a kind sweaters are PERFECT for this crisp autumn weather!

Want a closer look? Maybe want to purchase or commission one of your own? Visit me at Vicious (up)Cycle for a peak!!!

One more thing, I HAVE to pass this along. It's my new favorite guilty pleasure. Caramel apple cider cookies from - my friend made these for a Halloween party and I just fell in love. Follow the link for the recipe.

ALSO, I have tried both ways, and I prefer, instead of a whole caramel cube inside the cookie, I prefer using Kraft caramel bits- they're like chocolate chips but caramel morsels. They're better that way!

In the immortal words of Yo Gabba Gabba!: Try it, you'll like it!

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Kim @ This Belle Rocks said...

Those sweaters are gorgeous; I love them ALL!

Karen F said...

Cute Stuff!!

New GFC follower from Flip Flop Alexa Hop!!
Mommy's Moments

Nina Kunni said...

following you back from Alexa hop.Left you a good review too.

HayleyK said...

Hello! I am stopping by from the Alexa Hop. I'm following you now. Hope you can do the same!

Monica said...

I wrote a review on Alexa telling them how much I love your site, visited a few pages and I’m now also following on GFC and Twitter.

Amber @JadeLouise Designs said...

OH Brae! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the red Riding Hood sweaters! Oh my goodness!

Those would definitely be my pick if I had a free reign of your Etsy store! Love it!

JadeLouise Designs

Michael Ann said...

Your work is incredible! I had no idea!!! I love everything. I want a purse!!! I love the checkered pocketbook but would want something a little bigger just like it. Can you do that?

thinkinginmybrain (at) gmail (dot) com

diane grubbs said...

love your work its awesome

Susan Peck said...

Love the sweaters, keep wishing to win one some day.

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