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Monday, May 17, 2010

Touchy Topic Tuesday: Movie Food

Touchy Topic Tuesday: Movie Food.
So, as sucky as it is, Brandon's day off of work is on Wednesday. (Well, Sunday too, but that doesn't count because we have church from 11:00 to 2:00, and that's pretty much the whole day gone.)
Most of the time, we lay around the house, take Lilly to ballet, do homework and read with the kids, and do errands here and there.
This last Wednesday, though, Lilly begged her daddy to take her on a 'date' after her ballet class. Of course, my big softy of a husband agreed, and Mahone and Scarlet and I had a 'hot dog date' at home while Brandon took Lilly to lunch at Carl's Junior.
Then, they came home, and we all went to the new movie How To Train Your Dragon. (Which, might I add, is SPECTACULARLY clever, cute, and downright adorable. We'll be buying it for SURE.)

Now here's the deal. We're pretty tight for money right now. (And lets face it, who isn't.) So, before heading into the theatre, we took the scenic rout through our local Wal*Mart. For less than a dollar each, Mahone picked a package of gummy worms, Lilly and Scarlet both picked skittles, Brandon got peanut butter M&M's and I got raisinettes. 5 bucks, folks. And I'm not talking candy bar sized. I'm talking the same size you buy at a theatre for 3.50 a box/bag.

So, at the grocery store, we spent 5 bucks on what would have cost us 17.50 at the theatre- on top of tickets, which cost 7.00 a person. (For those slow on the math- that's 35.00.) We figured we'd buy a couple drinks there to share amongst us, and that would be a fair contribution to the movie gods.

I grew up doing this. Mom would bring red rope licorice to the movies, and rolls of Butter Rum lifesavers (my favorite.). But I don't really remember there being 'rules' back then.

Now there are. As we gave our tickets to the ticket guy- a 17ish year old kid with a still squeaky voice, greasy, curly brown hair, and braces- I noticed the signs plastered all over the ticket box, the wall behind it, and the individual theatre doors: No Outside Food Or Drink Allowed.

Well, it seemed that no one suspected my bulging 'diaper bag' (never mind that Scarlet doesn't even WEAR diapers anymore) so I slipped in smoothly without being noticed, and happily, we all munched and shared our Wal*Mart treats and our theatre drinks.

But I still feel a slight bit guilty.

Was it dishonest? Or is it okay considering the absolute ridiculous prices they charge? Is it really okay for them to deny anyone bringing in outside foods?

Well, I think, it's their right, as it's their premises, but I don't really intend to stop doing it. I rarely see movies, and even more rarely take my kids. And seriously? Should going to a movie with your family really cost around 55-60 dollars? Pshhh. I can almost get my family into LAGOON for that much money and enjoy an entire day of fun.

Give me your opinions, friends! What would YOU do!?


Holly Renee said...

I do this too! I think that it is their right to kick me out of take the food away if they want to. If they merely have a sign up I'm probably still going to bring it in. I don't want to pay a billion dollars to enjoy a movie. I think it's okay to do. I think it would be dishonest if they straight up asked you if you had candy or what not and you lied. I mean, do they really care? You are already paying for the tickets. I'm going to keep doing it. Yummy!
PS- I want to see that movie so bad!! In 3D!

The JAMC Johnsons said...

I've done it before. We hardly ever go to the movies, but when we do I have no problem with it. Seriously, you're paying for the tickets already!

Lindsey said...

I am so with you. Since we only have one kid, we do usually buy her the little kid snack box which is less than $5 and comes with way more popcorn than she can eat herself, a drink and an airhead, but I don't see anything wrong with slipping some candy in your purse. I'll admit that I've strolled in with some bottles of soda on occasion as well. I figure, we paid for our tickets, which are pretty outrageously priced and, let's face it, when's the last time you heard of a big theater chain going bankrupt?

Anonymous said...

Is is wrong, yes.

Do I do it, yes.

When breaking a rule I decide if I'm willing to face the consequences if I'm caught. Getting kicked out of the movie theatre or throwing away the food is the worst thing they can do. That's worth the risk to me.

Michelle said...

Our theater doesn't post that rule, so we do it all the time. :o)

Anonymous said...

Braeleigh-chan, I have a good one. You know how I make my own bags? Well, I have one that I haven't sewn up the bottom of the lining, so I can slip candy bars in there and then pile my stuff on top, so even if they look in, they can't see anything. I smuggled 5 candy bars into a Grizzlies game that way. :)

Keeslermom said...

I bring in food for my allergy kid regularly. We don't sneak or hide it, and we've never been questioned. I doubt the kids at the counter even care.

Shmonae said...

I think you will be ok :) When the freeway says 65 mph, everyone goes 70 (even the cops) I think they plan on people doing it, but they don't want it to be advertised so people will still buy stuff there. Honestly I don't remember to go before and it is my own fault I have to pay such high prices! I feel like the idiot when I see another mom with a huge bag of treats that cost her 15$ when I spent 40!

Anonymous said...

Eh, I do it. Not supposed to. But seriously, they charge SO MUCH. If they weren't overcharing like they did I might feel guilt. But $5 or $6 for a drink? what do they really expect?

If they changed their ways first, people would quickly stop sneaking stuff in....

Monkey'sMomma0710 said...

Well im terrible. I Sneak in taco bell, ice cream, sodas. Everything. If it fits in my bag im gonna bring it. Im not paying 3.50 for 35 skittles sorry.

leaner said...

I bring in candy and nuts, but buy a large popcorn and soda. The mark-up on that food is ridiculous, too.
The signs make me feel guilty, but the prices of things make it necessary.

Lourie said...

Oh yes, I have done it. And I will do it again! hahaha.

Annette Piper said...

I reckon if their prices were reasonable - fine, but they're not, so, go ahead!

Adrienne said...

I do it all the time because it is rediculous to pay that kind of mark up on crap that is not good for you... Movie theaters in gerneral make me really mad I avoid them and down here where I live tickets are $8.75 each ugh

Rachael said...

Brae! I gave you a blog award; check it out on my blog at
I so enjoy your threads on the community you are an awesome blogger!

Sarah B. said...

Our children watch us to see if our actions match our words.

Amy said...

We totally do it. It actually was allowed at our theater for the past couple years to just bring food in-- no hiding. I'm talking McD sacks, 32 oz. drink-- the works. But I guess they were losing money on concessions, but we still bring in the food. Last time we were there, we checked out the menu-- $17.50 for one popcorn, two drinks. That is RIDICULOUS! They give that popcorn away for free at banks on Friday's, no need to charge that much!

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