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Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Letters of Intent, Dear So-and-So, and Feel Good Friday

Feel Good Friday

1. Apparently the GI bill is supposed to start working again soon.

2. I sold a tiny pair of fairy wings to a good photography friend of mine-they're adorable. I'm very happy with how they turned out. it's great, because I haven't sold any for awhile.

3. Ren Faire season is beginning, so maybe I'll sell a few more pairs of wings in the next several months.

4. I'm helping to plan a fairy ball to happen at the end of June. I'm hoping to have a wonderful dress and a lot of lovely fairy pictures to share from that party.

5. While I don't have morning sickness yet, I am clinging to my sore boobs as a sure sign that I'm still pregnant. I admit, I'm really nervous this time around due to my chemical pregnancy last time...though, it looks as though this baby is sticking.



Dear So and So...

Dear "Perfect Moms"-

You know the type. The ones who have never in their whole lives screwed up. The ones who have never lashed out irrationally. Who have never called their kids Brats and never will, nor will they let a name like "nasty", "snotty", or "naughty" escape their lips. The ones who respond to everything with cheerfulness and perfect, effective discipline. The mothers who have been in every single situation that any other mother comes across, and has not only handled it better, but also feels the need to tell the mother in question HOW to do it better.

This letter is for you.

First of all, I have to very vehemently disagree with your perfection, and move on to say that I don't believe you in the very slightest.

Like you've really never EVER let your kid watch television while you do something for yourself for 5 minutes. Like you've NEVER taken your eyes off of them and in the meantime, they amused themselves like an angel instead of doing something that causes a big mess and a need for discipline- like dumping flour all over the floor, or writing on the walls with red lipstick for example. Riiiight. You're with them 24/7. (And by 24/7, I mean, you never EVER, for a SECOND, let them out of your sight. Poor, poor depraved, repressed children!) YOU have the stamina and patience to play with them constantly, because THAT is what a GOOD mommy does.

I just have to say that you people, if you are indeed so 'perfect' are, in my opinion, the reason for the diminishing sense of respect and responsibility in today's society. YOU are responsible for the entitledness that people have today. For SURE the way to handle a child's misbehavior, gross antics, or otherwise unsavory actions is to coddle them, smooch them, and tell them that you love them soooooo much that nothing they do will ever upset you, but please don't paint the walls with poop anymore, okay, Shnookems? Yeah. THAT's the way to get your point across.

Furthermore, unless a parent is blatantly beating the snot out of their child in public, it is not your business, nor is it appropriate to approach the parent mid-discipline and correct their tactic. Nor is is appropriate to immediately dial 911, call the police, notify store security, or especially tattle to CPS.

A parent is not abusing or humiliating a child when they discipline in public. There is no humiliation involved if a child has to sit on a time out at a store, or if a mother gives a quick swat to the bum. There is nothing wrong with a child screaming in the checkout line because the mother told her that she may not have a pack of gum. For you to intervene in any of these and any other situations is out of line, and downright self righteous, wrong, and immoral.

Child abuse is a very serious, very real thing. And your self righteousness causes a lot of grief and pain and irreversible damage to a lot of good, decent families, which, in turn, takes time and resources away from the children who really DO need the help.

And for the record- when a child does something wrong, it is not automatically a sign of abuse- sexual, emotional or otherwise. If that were the case, every person, 100 years and younger, would be a victim of abuse- bar none.

Signed- Thanks for your unsolicited concern, but go find something more worthy of your passion than undermining parents in front of their children.


Dear Sick Mommies-

Morning sickness is a part of being pregnant.

Sorry. Unless you are vomiting so badly that you are dehydrated and losing weight, medication is not necessary, and it IS required that you suck it up, work through the headaches, nausea and exhaustion.

Comfort is one thing. Taking a nap or going to bed early is one thing. But no one feels 100% great throughout a pregnancy, and the fewer drugs you give your baby, the better.

~Sincerely, ~eye roll~


Dear Overly Sensitive Mommies-

Whether you ARE pregnant and you're pissed off because everyone else has moved past the "YAY!"'s and "Congratulations"'s doesn't mean they don't care about you or aren't happy for your new baby. It just means that they have other things to worry about besides you and how sick/happy/emotional/grumpy/sad/excited you are. No one cares except for you and your doctor. I've had 3. I'm working on 4. Believe me. It is not every one's job to bow down to you, wait on you hand and foot, and meet your every need. It doesn't make them insensitive, it makes them worried about their own things, which they have every right to be doing.

For those of you who are angry because a sister in law, or friend, or aunt or whoever, has gone on to have a happy and healthy pregnancy while you had a miscarriage, well, I'm so so sorry for your loss. I really do understand. But it is not their fault, and it is NOT insensitive of THEM to have a baby, it is insensitive of YOU to make them feel like they have done something wrong by having a child.

It is also not okay in any way to expect your sister in law, your friend, your aunt, or whoever, to put their family plans on hold simply because you lost a baby. Sensitivity, of course, is desired, and yes, i have seen some cases where women ARE sincerely rude about it. But it does not automatically make a woman a bad friend, family member, or even make her rude or insensitive because she chooses to have a baby that happens to coincide with your miscarriage.

Miscarriages are awful things that should never have to happen to anyone. But they do. And the world does not stop turning. I am very sincerely sorry.

But PLEASE look at this story from both sides before you go around whining about how insensitive they are and how you can't stand to be around them. When you step back and look at that, what does it REALLY sound like?

Signed- Who's the jerk now?
Dear Cloud In The Sky That Looked Like A Fluffy Little Pirate Ship-
You made my day today. So cute. I wish I hadn't been driving and that I had had my camera.
Adoringly, Please Do It Again.


Christina said...

best post ever!

Ashley T said...

I love it! Especially the whole morning sickness, not feeling good. They know its coming!

Yankee Girl ~ Missy said...

Stick baby stick!!!

Great post. Made for a nice dose of birth control here. Would love more babys with out morning sickness. If I have any more it will be threw adoption!

Congrats once again!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

YAY for the baby! Boo to the nasty person at the store.
Have a super weekend!!!

Foursons said...

Yikes, remind me not to make you angry! It sounds like you've had a kicker of a week. I hope this weekend looks up for you.

Thanks for linking up!

Angela said...

Love it.
I hate the "Oh I'm pregnant and my backs so sore" Really? Dont get pregnant again then. LOL

Lourie said...

I know one of those perfect mommy types. And the very funny thing is, she is young(you are too but you have 3 kids!) and she has 2 kids. They are 4 and 2. It's all kittens and rainbows for her. Loved your letter to perfect moomies everywhere. I prefer being a rockin' mama anyway! ;)

Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip said...

Love the letters!! And oh how I pray your sweet baby sticks. And boo to all the perfect uber mommies out there. But I don't believe they are really perfect anyway. I think they are faking it. XOXOXOX

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