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Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"

Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"
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Monday, May 10, 2010

Not Me Monday!!

So, I do NOT have more pictures on my computer than it can hold.

For mother's day my most amazing husband did NOT give me an external hard drive that holds all my pictures with tons of room to spare- meaning I now get to 'start over' with the space on my actual computer.

On mother's day, I did NOT spend most of the day jealous because my kids cease to notice me at all whenever Daddy is home...including mother's day.

Also, yesterday, I did NOT feel like a guilty failure when my son, who has been potty trained for more than a year, who is 3 years old, pooped in his underwear, and cried so ashamed, to Brandon "Don't tell my mommy." (Because I threatened that if he didn't go to the bathroom I'd put him in a diaper.) What kind of 3 year old feels too worried about something to tell his mommy?

My living room is NOT still full of costumes, wings, makeup, crowns, and a box full of rings I made that I shoved in there over a week ago after the ren faire i did. ~Sigh~ I'm lazy. i know.

It is NOT going to be freezing and raining all week - which means that I do NOT have to reschedule some fairy shoots. ~BITTER, BITTER whine.~

Scarlet does NOT regularly wear boys underwear. I'm talking Transformers, Spider man, Iron Man and Dinosaurs. They are NOT actually Mahone's underwear...but she does so enjoy those super heroes.


Michelle said...

And I am NOT avoiding the dirty dishes by reading your blog. :)

Lourie said...

I do NOT have 4 loads of laundry to be washed, two to be put away. I do NOT have garbage in the bathroom spilling over the can. (I'm NOT lazy either.)

I did NOT do absolutely nothing yesterday. And I (really) did not feel guilty for it.

Beth McC. said...

Love your not me Monday! I dont have dishes stacked anywhere in my kitchen that need to be washed :)
Your blog is too cute! Happy Monday

midwest mama said...

I am not ignoring my kids. Wink. Happy Monday.

Who wouldn't want Transformer undies? So much more interesting than princesses all the time.

Anonymous said...

I did a brag and blab monday. Is that over?

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

It is going to be cold and rainy all week here too. Big sadface :-(

I need a little sunshine!

leaner said...

My 4 year old daughter also does NOT regularly wear boys boxer briefs. She flat our refuses to wear girl panties because of the way they feel.

Camryn said...

Ha hA. Your day sounded like mine! In fact, I've just gone through the computer because it crashed and we're "starting over" again! Dang pictures that require loads of memory....growl....

Arizona Mamma said...

My living room is not in a state of chaos as well ;) Of course, I have no good excuse.

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