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Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"

Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Yeah...never doin' that again. (Sorry, friends, this is more important that Silly Sunday!)

*Songs of the Day: Desensetized by Green Day AND Myspace Girl by the Afters

So, I know this is a brand new baby blog and all, but I've been feeling pretty good about myself. I mean, look at my blog.

It's cute.

It has personality.

It's eye catching, and I think my entries are pretty engaging.

And I've won awards!!!!

However, something that I am NOT: A computer whiz.

With all my amazing buttons, pictures, agendas, followers, and all that other jazz, I decided I'd better put another sidebar on there to de-clutter. (And I am being 100% genuine when I say THANK YOU to my friend at The Blog Frog who sent me the instructions- not smarmy or sarcastic, but genuine. It's not you. It's ME. I'm the one who doesn't know what I'm doing!!!)

Anyway, I got on there, thinking I'm all that and tried to re-program the thing by editing my HTML. When I noticed that my HTML was different from what was on the instructions, I should have left well enough alone, or maybe paid the $10.00 fee to the talented blogger at , or asked my genious brother to do it for me (more on him later.)

But NOOOOOO, I'm a big wig blogger now. I should be able to figure this out, right?


Somehow, that lovely tab that says 'Layout' when you click on 'customise' had changed to 'template' and I couldn't get my blog to go back to my original template, and instead of being cute and perky when I looked at my blog, it was just a flat green background, all my followers were gone, my beautiful buttons, awards, links and everything were nowhere to be seen!

In a panic I called my amazing brother, and on the verge of sobbing, I squeaked "BIEGE, I NEED HELP! My blog is all screwed up!"

My darling brother laughed at me for just a split little hiccup, and told me to calm down because Google never deletes anything unless you specifically tell it to, and he was sure we could fix it.

And thank goodness for HIM, he was right. (I would NEVER have known how to do it myself. In fact, I didn't do it myself, I simply handed over my email address and password and he did it FOR me. ~Wipes brow in fein relief~ Yeah. Whew!)

Come to find out, somewhere along the line, I had accidentally downgraded my account somehow, and all it needed was an upgrade, which was simple. But I didn't know that!!!

Anyway, now, everything is backed up (twice) and in my computer documents. THANK YOU BIEGE!

So, to all my loyal readers, will you do me a favor?? Please??? Take a look at my brother's brand new baby blog at (And, if you get the chance, please read them too! He's hilarious, and you'll really get a kick out of it) and tell him THANK YOU for fixing my blog for me!!! It'll make him smile!!

Dude, I SO owe him something fun from


Buckeroomama said...

I'm glad that your brother fixed everything for you. I would have totally freaked out, too, if that had happened to me. :)

Janine said...

Glad you got your blog fixed! I'm off to check out his blog now

Simoney said...

Hey, I know how frustrating it can be trying to be clever with your html and ending up losing everything! Been there done that. Glad you got it all working again :)
Luv from Simone

PS I'm interested in your book club. Sounds fun!

Helene said...

Thank goodness for your brother, right? My hubby is a total techno geek so any time I have the littlest problem, I ask him for help. But I've also been trying to teach myself some of the HTML stuff and once you get the hang of it, it's actually not so hard to do!

Jana said...

These are the things I am scared to death of. My brother could certainly fix my sink or put in a new closet. My husband can fix my car and my heart. But there is no one who can fix my computer or my blog. I live in fear!

Thanks for sharing. I am following from the Alexa blog hop (incredibly good idea if not labor intensive). I am a new GFC follower and twitter follower but your link to FB is not working for me. I will see if I can find you via FB search. I am on my way to leave you an alexa review right now.

Your blog is absolutely wonderful and delightful. You are so full of wit and humor. Thanks for sharing. Jana

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