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Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"

Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"
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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Introducing Mahone Raphael.

***First- I must apologize for not posting yesterday. My husband was busy setting up our wireless internet, and needed our desktop computer to do it. We have broadband, so it wasn't as obvious as setting up a regular modem, and it took a lot of time on the phone to figure it out. I had my trusty, adorable little net book- but none of my neighbors Wi-fi's were keen on letting me steal from them.***

(yes, he does have blue hair here.)

If any of my children belong to their daddy, this one does. I mean, they all belong to their dad, but my Mahone is a serious daddy's boy. He puts up with me well enough, and i dare say he loves me a lot. He's very affectionate toward anyone who will love him (and it's an honest fact that 5 minutes with this child and he will have you wrapped around his little finger.) He has been potty trained over a year, but I still have to coax or threaten him into going to the bathroom several times a day. There's just too much going on, and he'd rather dance in discomfort than drop everything to go. I always know that if he runs up and hugs my leg with a seemingly adorable "I love you my-mom' (which is what he calls me), it's because he has to pee so bad he can't sit down, and he has run out of places to dance without looking suspicious.

Mahone also happens to be the KING of one-liners. Several times a day, my facebook page is plastered with the last funny thing Mahone said. He's witty, he's clever, and he's a spacial genious. My son is only 3, but he can take any Transformer (his favorite is Bumble Bee) and within 30 seconds, it will be a car or a robot. He is currently working on his Rubiks Cube, which he doesn't really understand yet, but he's fascinated by it.

Mahone is a devout fan of anthing boy. He learned his alphabet (yes, he reads) with the knowledge that J stands for Jedi, L stands for Luke, V stands for 'Dark Vadar' (which was his Halloween Costume this year) and Y, of course, was for Yoda. Daily, he dons super hero t-shirts, and rarely removes his superman cape. The Indiana Jones movies are his favorites, as of late.

Still, my son is the sensetive type, and loves to play with his sisters- that means dolls, and dress up. Luckily, he has his own dress up clothes, which include an Astronaut costume, Bob the Builder, Bumble Bee, and Chef's clothes, complete with a kitchen. Hey- his dad cooks sometimes, and his dad usually has a baby on his hip. However, when he adorned himself in Lilly's Tinkerbell wings, i worried. Only for a moment though, because with an extra large grin on his little face, Mahone announced "My-Mom! I'm a bug!" Later, wearing the same wings, he told his dad that he was an airplane.


**Some of the funniest things Mahone has said:
When his dad asked him "Are you a little boy or a monkey!?" Mahone answered: "Your CLONE!!!"
Once, my mom lost her voice and he said "You need new batteries, Ammah. I don't have batteries in my mouth."
Once, when he was being particularly naughty, I asked what was up and he said "Mom, I'm just acting like Dark Vadar!"
Brandon had been tickling the kids, and he scooped Mahone up and tickled him with his "force lightning" and Mahone said "I'm a Jedi like my father before me!!!"
The first prayer he said by himself went like this: "Dear Heavenly Father, I'm thankful for this day, I'm thankful for my family and my closet and astronauts and worms. Please help me to be nice to my mom, but not to bad guys. I 'save' these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."
Once, while in the car, Lilly was pestering him, and he said "MOM! Lilly's being an antagonist again!!"


Anonymous said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!
You're little boy sounds like a real character :)

Christina said...

i like "lillys being an antagonist again" heheheh. cute!

Jo said...

Hi- thanks for stopping by my blog. Your blog is really nice:). Jo

Christie Lanning said...

I love this post, reminds me of my own boy when he was younger. They are thankful for the cutest things at that age.

whocg23 said...

I love those comments from your LO. ALso, that is awesome blue hair. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and checking things out. I am from MBC and I am following you now. :)

Anonymous said...

I love this kid! Good thing I'm his favorite...or wait...I'm his favorite's best friend...that still counts for something, right?
Hey, I don't have church (ahem stake conference) next week.....

christeenyZ said...

he's adorable! i have purple hair (at the moment) and my girls love it when i let them dye there's too. love the mo-hawk! I'm your latest follower. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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