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Friday, January 29, 2010

Willey Wonka smells like WHAT?!!!

*Song of the day: Candy Man by Christina Aguilera

So, the other night, while the kids were eating dinner, I let them finish watching Charlie And the Chocolate factory. Watching television at the dinner table is not a common practice, but Brandon was gone, my son had been sick, and it was near the end, so I decided that it was okay, just this once.

If you have seen the new Willey Wonka movie with Johnny Depp as the main character, you might remember that at the end, Charlie's family moves their little ramshackle hut into the factory, where they sit down to have a giant turkey for dinner.

Charlie's mother, played by the ever beautiful and exquisitely strange Helena Bonham Carter, asks Willey if he is going to stay for dinner, to which he replies that he would be delighted, and takes a seat beside one of Charlie's grandmothers.

Grandmother leans over to sniff Willey Wonka and says: "You smell like peanuts. I like peanuts."

And Willey says "You smell like old people....I like it." and then it pans out.

Well, Mahone, though he had seen the movie probably a hundred times before this, got a genuinely confused and freaked out look on his face before he turned to me and said:

"Mom, she just said Willey Wonka smells like penis."

I honestly think I shot rice out my nose. (And I don't think that this story needs any further explanation. )


Ginny Marie said...

That is hilarious! Kids come up with the funniest things!

Embarrassing story now...when I was a kid, I called the character Linus from the cartoon strip "Peanuts" Penis. I think my parents probably had the same reaction you did!

Scarlet of Moms Wear Your Tees. com said...

That is a funny story! I think I had to ask my husband what she said too!
I am now your 100th follower!

Chrissy said...

I'm following back from MBc FFF... I'm still working down that long list of people in our group... love your blog and I absolutely love Charlie and the chocolate factor. Johnny Depp just plays a cool roll... and your story is funny... Kids just say the funniest things.

Helene said...

That is hysterical!!!!!! OMG, that really made me laugh out loud!!

Kinda like the time we were driving somewhere new and my son asked my husband if he had erections. We both were like "OMG, what did he just say?". He meant to say "directions" but he thought the word was "erections".

Shmonae said...

BWahaha! Perfect. I LoVe KIdS!

The Frazzled Mom -Cathy said...

So cute!! I hope he doesn't tell anyone else that! Love your blog!

Mommy LaDy Club said...

Oh, too funny! I didn't see the new one with Johnny Depp, but the one with Gene Wilder just freaked me out as a kid. For me, it was seriously creepy and disturbing. Am I the only one?!

I'm headed over to Alexa for you:) I'd love one back, because I had to start all over with a new domain, and lost about 11 reviews:(
P.S. I think I'm above you on the vB event;)

Mommy LaDy Club said...

Hey, I love your Etsy Shop! Please feel free to add it to our Handmade Market page:) If you ever want to do a handmade artisan interview, or prize sponsor for our Battles, just let me know too!

Misadventures in Motherhood said... gosh!!! I would have died!! LOL That's an AWESOME story. Little boys provide the best material for comedic blogging!! My son and my husband both get quoted frequently on my blog... at first my husband was ticked off that I was making fun of him. Then when my blog got successful, he started smugly taking credit for it. But he still yells at me when he says something asinine and I tell him it's going on my blog. Men!! LOL This was hugely entertaining... I can't wait to read more stories!

I'm following via GFC! Have a great week! If you'd like a chuckle too, stop by my humor blog...Misadventures in Motherhood.

Smiles, Jenn :-)

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