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Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"

Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"
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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wordless Wednesday, Teague's First Birthday

My sweet baby boy turned 1 yesterday (today, since I'm posting this the night before. LOL.) on January 3rd. 

From his BIRTH to his first birthday - which we will celebrate this Saturday, this little man has been an absolute joy in my life. Sweet little thing loves his mommy, his daddy, dogs (he calls them all Hunter, as our dog is named Hunter) and tools. He sleeps with a favorite sock (don't worry, it's clean) and loves to push cars around making "vroom" sounds. 

Some days, I think I might just kiss his fat yummy cheeks right off. 
Love you, my "Big Red"


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Mikki said...

He's adorable!

Thanks so much for joining Flock Together today at Mom’s Best Nest . I am now your happy follower and look forward to reading your posts.

Kathy said...

What a cutie!!! I miss the p.j's with the feet!!! My youngest is 6, it goes way too fast!! Enjoy!!

Sunkist PTA said...

I can't believe how cute he is! He loves looking at the camera! I noticed he'd calm down a little when we were taking pics of him during the holidays. "OKay, I have to pose now!"

alissa apel said...

Happy Birthday to him!!! The first birthday is a big deal.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to him!! What a cutie. Loved your explanation of the name of your blog. Hope you have wonderful 2012!

Elizabeth. said...

What an ADORABLE baby he is! Happy Birthday to him....I know what you mean about those cheeks! I wouldnt be able to help myself. :)

Tracy @ Mama-press said...

Is your 3 year old's middle (or third) name Estelle? My 3 year old's name is Estella. Oddly enough, I could also see her becoming a tattoo artist...she definitely is her own creative, fun, sometimes wacky person!

Amanda said...

I don't believe I'm just seeing this! He's such a cutie and looks like he had fun! :)

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