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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Costume Review

I am so excited to announce my newest product review from Costume Discounters- THE place to get all your discounted costumes for Halloween, costume parties, or, if you're like me, dress up clothes for the kids!

I have a houseful of kids who, at any given moment of the day (unless they are at school or church) can be found dressed as (ALL OF THEM) Disney Princesses, fairies, the Corpse Bride, or sporting any of their various tutus, tap shoes, crowns and voluminous accessories.

But, in this house, it's not just the girls. My son Mahone has a wide array of dress up clothes, for example, Indiana Jones, Cowboys, and Bumblebee of Transformers- but Star Wars is by FAR his favorite  dress up past time. His collection includes Anakin, Obi Wan Kenobi (Believe it or not, there actually IS a subtle difference), Darth Vadar, a Storm Trooper, and even General Grievous. His accessories also include more light sabers than I can count (in various colors) and all kinds of Star Wars weapons.

With this in mind, just before Christmas I was given the opportunity to review a costume from Costume I was offered a costume of my choice, for an honest review with my honest opinion. I was provided with the costume at no cost, but the opinions are totally my own.

Last week, I received the costume I chose. From Costume Discounter's Cheap Star Wars Costumes selection, I found a costume my son does not yet have- his FAVORITE Star Wars character, and a costume that we have previously found to be VERY difficult to find.

Boba Fett!!!

(That's his Storm Trooper gun he's pointing at me. I told him to pose like Boba Fett. He pointed the gun at me. LOL.)

Now, as a costume veteran, I am used to costume flimsiness. I am used to a lot of mesh that rips and tears within a week of use, and fabric that is so thin that it wears through very quickly. My girls have gone through not one, not two, but THREE different Snow White costumes in the last YEAR. Generally speaking, I don't mind that because it just is what it is, you know? Most people are pretty aware that when they buy a dress up outfit from a store, they aren't getting  top of the line quality.

I was impressed, though, when I opened this costume up. It IS polyester, but it's actually quite thick. Much thicker than his Indiana Jones Costume (which I purchased from some nameless internet costume store, NOT from Costume Discounters.) and even the Darth Vadar costume. It velcros in back, and is all 1 piece, except for the mask and a cape that velcros to the shoulder. It makes for easy dressing and removal, which is great for me, because I think I spend at LEAST a half hour a day helping my kids change in and out of dress up clothes!

As for my son? Well, has Mahone's seal of approval. I had to bribe him out of his costume in order to get him dressed for bed, and even had to make a deal with him so he wouldn't insist on wearing it to church. He sure does enjoy it!!

The link to Costume Discounters is located at the top of this post. Please take a moment to visit their site, and leave me a comment telling me what kind of costume YOU found that you or your child might enjoy! Also, if you are so inclined, please "like" their page on facebook for deals and goings-on!


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PennyPIncherjenny said...

My son loves to dress up like that to! We love getting him halloween costumes

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