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Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"

Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Some Confessions To Make

First of all, before I get to my confessions, I'll start with NOT ME MONDAY so as to save the time of those who are here from MckMama's just to see what I'm NOT doing.

I have NOT been a terrible blogger lately. It has NOT been months since I've blogged, and I am NOT terribly sorry about it.

I am NOT incredibly busy though, and I (really) can NOT promise, without hesitation, that it will be better from here on out.

I am NOT terrified of getting a cavity filled tomorrow, as I have only had a few cavities in my entire life, and mouth pain is NOT (yes- it truly is) the worst kind of pain that I personally could ever go through. And I've given birth to 3 babies, so that's saying something. (I would literally rather have a baby 3 times OVER than to have a cavity filled.)



I'm busy.

I'm sorry, but it's true. I know I have been a terribly disloyal blogger, and like I stated above, I cannot promise that it'll get better for me OR for you, though I do, in earnest honesty, appreciate those of you who still remember me, still check in, and still are waiting for me to post again. It really gives me great pleasure- something ridiculously akin to that of a child on Christmas morning.

The thing is, my excuse for missing out on regular posting from months May- mid August is simply that I was sick.

Many of you know that I am very happily and excitedly expecting our 4th child, and it's just a matter of fact that my body does not handle the first 16 or so weeks of pregnancy very well. As much as I think that mouth pain is the worst pain in the world (see my Not Me Monday above), and I would rather give birth a dozen times than have a cavity filled, I would literally rather die than throw up. Unfortunately for my maternal instincts, I want a lot of children, which means I have to put up with a lot of nausea, which unfortunately isn't referring to the daily issues of snotty noses, food that is chewed up and spit out because of varying reasons, or the endless cries of "MOM!!! COME WIPE MY BUM!!!!"

No, I was very sick. I spent the summer laid out on the couch, and since i blog when my children are asleep, or in school, and try to avoid the internet while they're awake, and for most of the first trimester, I crashed as soon as my kids were in bed at 8:00, I didn't get to blog.

As for the end of August through the present, my reasons for abandoning my poor helpless blog are vast.

I know it's probably not the wisest thing to share this with everyone, particularly those with an intent to stalk my family and commit serial crimes against us, but it's difficult to explain otherwise.


8:00: Drive Lilly to school
Once dropped off, I go grocery shopping, which is usually around 1 1/2 to 2 hours long.
10:00 ish: come home, unpack groceries
3:30 Pick Lilly up from school
3:45 Do homework (which, for Mahone and Lilly includes them reading a book to me on their levels. For Scarlet, it's alphabet flashcards. Lilly does not get homework from Kindergarten yet, so I have a store bought Kindergarten booklet with math and other things in it for her to do. Mahone gets a packet from preschool to do, which is usually done on Wednesdays)
4:30: Make dinner
6:00- Get ready for bed, (takes at LEAST an hour) which includes the following routine:
Baths (usually every OTHER day, rather than every day. I'm lazy. So sue me.)
Teeth brushing and flossing
Scripture reading
Family Prayer
3 bedtime books 1 per child (this counts toward part of our 20 minutes of reading a day.)
Personal prayers
3 bedtime songs, one per child
Tucking into bed, and finally mom gets a break.
(Don't forget that in the missing time slots, i have dishes, laundry and other such cleaning jobs to do, like cleaning bathrooms, bedrooms and vacuuming. This goes for the empty slots in all the days. )

BRANDON is home in the morning, but leaves for School at 12:00 noon. He starts work at 3:30 and usually walks in the door at about 1:00 am or later.


8:00: Drop Lilly off at School and drive Mahone 45 minutes to preschool.
9:00- Mahone goes to preschool.
10:30- Scarlet and I watch Sid the Science kid in my mom's house until about 10:15, when we go to the library for Story time and craft, which starts at 10:30.
12:00: Preschool is over, we pick up Mahone and take everyone home for lunch.
1:00 Lunch.
3:30- Pick up Lilly.
3:45: Homework
4:30: Dinner
6:00: bedtime routine

On Tuesdays, Brandon wakes up at 5:30 am to go to school. He then goes to work at 3:30 and comes home, again, at 1am or later. My children don't see him at all on Tuesdays.


8:00 am- Drop Lilly off at school.
9:55- Volunteer in Lilly's class room
11:30- Volunteer time is over, go home.
12:00 Lunch
1:15: Pick Lilly up from school (early day)
1:30 to 2:30: Play date for Lilly and Mahone (every other week Scarlet plays too, because they come to OUR house every other week) with some kids from our church.
3:30: Homework
4:30- Make dinner
6:00 bedtime routine.

Brandon has Wednesdays off- which is why I chose that day to volunteer at Lilly's school- he is home to watch the kids. This also means that we usually have date night on Wednesdays, though, it's usually take out and a rented movie because due to Mutual (church activities for kids ages 12-18) it's impossible to find a babysitter on a Wednesday night- not to mention, it's a school night.


SAME AS TUESDAYS, and Brandon's schedule is the same too: Up at 5am, home at 1am or later.


For lack of motivation, I'll just suffice it to say that the schedule for the kids and me is the same as on Monday, though Brandon doesn't have school on Friday, so he doesn't leave for work until 2:00 instead of noon.

The weekends are not weekends for us. Brandon works Saturday nights, and is off on Sunday- but then there's church, which is from 11- 2, and that's just a chunk out of the middle of the day.

Anyway, as you can see, I really am terribly busy. While during the beginning months of this year, I was able to blog easily during the time Lilly and Mahone were at preschool because Scarlet was napping (3 hours to myself- ample time to blog for a couple of days in advance, as well as get some networking time in) I no longer have that luxury.

Due to Lilly's Kindergarten schedule, Mahone has to be in the morning preschool instead of the afternoon, at which time Scarlet napped. However, even if he WERE able to be in the afternoon preschool, Scarlet gave up her nap over the summer. So, I wouldn't be able to blog because I would have her and she would need my attention.

HOWEVER, I do, since Brandon is gone every night except for Wednesdays, have all night to be able to blog, I intend on being better about making regular entries. Though, you should not be surprised if I miss a day here or there- particularly Thursdays, though, I'll try to add a quick blog hop or something.

Another confession: One of the reasons I will be missing days or so here is because I feel the need to be more devoted to my other blog

I love this blog because it gives me an outlet to express myself, my feelings, my downfalls, and my imperfections. It gives me a place to vent, and to write without limitations, and to talk about, brag about, and otherwise write things about my children that will someday embarrass them.

Unfortunately, an outlet (and source of positive reinforcement whenever I see that I have a new comment - yes, I am an attention whore and I need constant validation) is all this blog is to me. It doesn't really get me anywhere for the work I put into it. It doesn't make me money. It isn't ever going to make me famous enough to the point where someone will buy the movie rights to my life.

However, my other blog is one that I am hoping will eventually morph itself into something that i can someday edit into book form and have published. As it stands, it's only a drawing board, but it's something I love, and am passionate about. I need to focus more on that blog. I would really appreciate feedback on that blog from you, my loyal readers, as well as feedback here. I will post a link here whenever I update that blog, which I hope to do at least twice a week.

The good news is, there is going to be a giveaway soon!!!

Stay tuned, it's going to be great!!!


Cheryl said...

thanks for stopping by and following showcase sisters, we're following you back your confessions!

scribblingmum said...

My god you crazy woman! I'm exhausted just reading that agenda! You really must put those feet up once in a while.

Thanks for popping by my blog earlier ....

Lis said...

Oh, my goodness! My day consisted of sleeping until 11:30am, going to the grocery store for an hour, and doing some homework. Just reading your weekly schedule makes me tired!

Following you from SITS on BlogFrog! :)

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