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Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"

Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"
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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Letters Of Intent, Feel Good Friday and don't forget: WINGS GIVEAWAY!!!!

Before you read anything, PLEASE head over to this link for my WINGS GIVEAWAY!!!!!

TONS of glitter used on these wings!!!

Check out the gorgeous iridescence!

Orange butterfly is removable, if you prefer.

Right now entries are very low!!!! There are many ways to get entries- don't stop at just one! Follow the link above and comment on that post to tell me how many entries you deserve!!!


5 things that are making me feel good today:

1. I have a new oven. It's pretty ridiculous, this story. A month ago, Brandon was washing a few dishes, and dropped a bowl, which he caught with his knee against the front of my oven, which, instead of saving the bowl, just shattered the glass on the front of the door.

We tried to order new glass from the manufacturer only to discover that our particular model was discontinued. For weeks we searched through glass companies, and none of them would custom make a pane for an oven- not even the people from the wood burning stove companies!!!

Finally, we got one brand new on clearance. It's not as high tech as my old one, but it's clean and new and much nicer than buying a refurbished one...for the exact same price.

So yeah! I am feeling good about that.

2. Pumpkin is back in stores!! Usually I buy it all year long. It is one of my favorite foods. There is absolutely nothing so delectable as pumpkin. Anything pumpkin.

Apparently, though, last year's crops flooded, and ruined the pumpkins. So there hasn't been any pumpkin available in stores since February.

It's BACK! And I'm going to make some pumpkin bread!

3. My kids are in bed and have been really good kids today. I love them. I love them SO MUCH.

4. Lilly's pictures are back from school, and she looks really cute. I was worried because every time I would ask her "How did you smile?" she would show me a grin that looked like someone had punched her in the belly and she was trying not to cry.

5. I'm feeling pretty good about life in general. Brandon is never here. He goes to school in the morning and works all night, gets about 5 hours of sleep or less each night, and when we DO see him, it's on Sundays- where we spend a huge chunk of the day at church. But I've been pleasantly surprised. Things are working out. We're dealing with it. We are in a good place, and while we're not rich, our finances are pretty decent. So, I'm content.

Now hop on over to see and link up to tell us all about what is making YOU feel good this happy Friday!!!!!



Dear Lady With A Cart Full Of Shampoo At Wal*Mart,

I'm sorry, but this place might be cheapo, redneck Wally-world, but it still is not a flea market. You cannot put a whole bunch of crap in a cart, offer to pay 40 bucks for all of it and then sit and argue with the manager about how it's a great deal, and it's more than the items are worth.

Haggling is frowned upon when you're at a retail store. Believe me, I was a manager at a Shopko store back in my single days, and people try it all the time. I'm sorry- but they just don't have that kind of power, especially when something isn't damaged in any way. You just want it for less.

If you want to debate a price, please go down town to the swap meet, and get out of the way so the rest of us can continue to check out.


You're stupid.


Dear Cashier guy at Wal*Mart-

I really have to say that you are NOT the world champion of checker-outers. You are SO SLOW.

However, I also have to say that what you lose in speed, you truly make up for in conversation. You are sweet to my children (much unlike the lady next to you, who, when my Lilly once said hello, she told me to get my child under control because this wasn't a playground. ~eye roll~) and talk to them like they're your friends. You have a sunny disposition, and you remind me very much of my grandfather.

Also, thanks for the tip on pumpkin cookies: Use butterscotch chips instead of chocolate. Absolute YUMMO!!!!

Thanks for being such a great guy in the midst of all the other Wal*Mart hell stories.




Dear readers,

I know I've been gone a long time. I know I don't deserve for you all to come back rallying around me and making me feel like I'm wonderful.

I am truly sorry for ditching you for so long.

But I have this fantastic giveaway with these gorgeous wings going on (scroll up for a link, or scroll down to the post from yesterday) and they're my favorite that I've ever made so far. I really want this to be a good giveaway, and not just come down to 6 or 7 possible winners.

So, yes, I'm begging you. Please enter my giveaway.

Please come back and read my blog as though you care what I have to say. Because back in the day (3 months ago when I first got my debilitating morning sickness) you, your comments, and your support were really one of the bright highlights of my day.




The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...


First I scrolled down and read your past posts. You poor dear for having morning sickness. I am so happy you are feeling better!!!

For FGF my daughter smiles wacky for her pics. SHe grinds her teeth together and gives this big cheesy smile. She never does that at home!!

Anonymous said...

Those wings are beautiful. Wal-mart always seems to bring out the crazy ppl.

I am sorry you had such horrible morning sickness.

dollycas aka Lori said...

Sound like a great week!!
Hope you will check out mine!

Kara @ His, Hers and Ours said...

You have an amazing talent with your wing making! Wow!!

Wal*Mart=crazies, for sure. I have my fair share of stories that I probably should blog about, but don't want to give any of *those* people credit for it. Sometimes people just can't help it...but shampoo? Really??

Have a great weekend!!

Foursons said...

Wow, she really tried to bargain a basket of shampoo? That is absolutely crazy.

Glad the checkout guy makes up for his lack of scanning skills with his personality personality.

Thanks for linking up and welcome back!

Kameron said...

Popping over form Julie's blog! WalMart is the bane of my existence. If I can get past the puke smell when I walk in, I always loose my mind when I get to the checkout line. Kudos to you for making it out in one piece!

Rachel said...

Oh no way!!! I can't believe someone wanted to dicker in a retail store! That is just insane!

I did giggle a wee bit tho :)

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