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Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wordless Wednesday WITH LINKY!!!

Wordless Wednesday
(Link up below!!!)
A Whole Bunch Of Stuff 
Scarlet's 4th Birthday

Some husbands bring their wives flowers. Mine brings me comic books. Supergirl reboot: Issue #2. 

My 3 oldest kids- each of them reading comic books...I think they're Green Lantern...

My CUTE Teaguer. I love him. LOVE. 

Scarlet's birthday- my dad ("Pop-pop" to my kids) is telling her that if she's 4, she has to get 4 spankings...she's not buying it. 

Left to right: My sister, Bergan, her husband Spencer, my brother Boz, my brother Biege, and his wife Shalynn. 

Biege and Shalynn both wearing Marvel comic T-shirts to tease me because I posted on facebook that DC is better. 

Scarlet with all her lovely presents from grandparents and aunts and uncles. 

Scarlet's favorite pink lemonade bars. She didn't want a cake, she wanted these. 

With the makeup on that Biege and Shalynn brought her. 

The "spankin' machine" - just for fun. LOL. (I actually think it's MAHONE going through right there. LOL.) 

THAT is Scarlet. 

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Alison said...

Hi Brae~ I hope this is the correct site...I recall you having another one as well? Or maybe I'm losing my mind. I recall you having the Gleeman's Baby? Anyway....your kids are darling and I love the new haircut. Looking forward to following your new site.

kewkew said...

Cute pictures.

Lisa's Free Stuff said...

added to linky
Lisa's Free Stuff

Lisa's Free Stuff said...

Got a laugh out of the pic of the "spankin' machine

lgothard said...

The ring is really pretty!!! Thanks for the chance. I also like reading all your recipes and the awards. Very nice

Athomewithabby said...

I love the spanking machine! That is hilarious!

mary said...

I love that instead of a cake your daughter would rather have the Pink Lemonade bars. They truly look delicious........

Heather Eisenhooth said...

I totally get that you are going to have people interested with giveaways. Its something free and it gets most peoples attention in this economy. I guess what others fail to realize is that life lessons, laughs, shared memories, and information are also a free "prize" that evryone comes out as a winner. I am not good at this so my comment may be in the completely wrong place but I did comment and read your blog.

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