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Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"

Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thursday's Writer's Promp

Thursday's Writer's Prompt 
Mama Kat

Reverse Bucket List:
Stuff I NEVER Want To Do

10.  Run A Marathon. 
Uuuuuuugh. This sounds like a lot of pain. I'm disinterested. 

9. Parachute. 

Have you SEEN how high up they go? I mean, people who do that have a death wish. 

8. Hold A Tarantula.

There's this pet store near my house called "Rockstar Pets" and it's a really cool store- they have several of their own pets that kind of run around like they own the place. They have a giant tortoise that just moseys his way around the store, a couple of dogs, a cat,  and probably more. They even have those awesome rabbits the size of dogs that you can put a harness on and go for a walk with. They also have spiders. Tarantulas to be exact. They even have the BIGGEST species of spider- a Bird Tarantula...because it EATS BIRDS!!!! I mean WTF?!!!  I told my kids that if they EVER brought home a spider for a pet, I'd fry it live and make them eat it. 

7. Go To Japan, China, Or Any Other "Asian" Country.

Unlike what seems like the REST of the world, I'm not interested in exploring the country, learning about the culture, or becoming a martial artist. 

6. Loose My Teeth. 

I'm so scared of my teeth falling out in my old age. I don't care if I'm 99 years old and dirt poor. I will sell my children in order to get an implant before I'll wear dentures. (Don't call CPS. You all know me well enough to know that's an exaggeration. My husband, though....and the dog.....)

5. Have Triplets.

They always say that if you have multiples, you should have them first (because you won't know what you're getting yourself into, so you won't know anything different, and it'll be simpler that way.) or last (so that you have other people to help.

As a mom of 4, and a PRO at the "infant" stage,  I can honestly say I think I could handle two babies at once  with two  hands tied behind my back. Sounds like fun! But I do NOT want 3 at a time. (It goes without saying that I don't want 4, 5, or so on either.)

4. Give Birth Naturally. 

I heart my epidurals.

3. Die.

Yeah. I wanna live forever. 

2. Run Into My Ex Boyfriend. 

Nearly 10 years and 4 kids later, I'm still a hundred times more adorable than his new wife (who I saw because a mutual friend was tagged in one of his wedding pictures) and I wouldn't want to make him wish he wasn't an ass back in the day. 

1.  See ANY Of The StarWars Movies In 3D On The Big Screen.

We're going to Disneyland in 9 weeks over Lilly's birthday. My kids don't know. We're not going to tell them about it either, until we pile them in the car and drive PAST the school. I am so excited about this, I could pee my pants every single day. I even think that my elation exceeds that of my excitement to get married once I was engaged. 

My husband feels this exact same way about Star Wars, Episode 1 being on the big screen in 3D. He doesn't want to go without me. I think he'll never make it. Because, while I'm willing to suffer through LOTS of "his choice" movies I could care less about,  I'm not going to spend 7-10 bucks seeing a movie we already own that I don't even like, in 3D glasses that make me dizzy, just because it's in a theater. 

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Patrice said...

Wow, there are lots of people who don't want to go to Asia!

Elizabeth Braun said...

I totally understand the epidural thing. I do have to say though that once I had my first natural birth I opted on the third pregnancy to go that way. My second came too fast so there was no time and with the third I stayed home till I knew I could not wait any longer and my son was born within 15 minutes of arriving at the hospital. My hubby and I are tossing around having one last baby and I have decided that if we do I will again go completly natural. Loving your list though and a couple of them made me giggle because i know just where you are coming from

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