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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday WITH LINKY!!! (ANNNND Giveaway!!!!)

Wordless Wednesday- LINK UP BELOW!
Lilly's "Fairy Princess" hairdoo and cute new dress/jacket on Sunday


I Am Happy 
Children's CD Giveaway!

I ALWAYS love music, and it's a privilege to get to review any of it on my blog. This time, I have the pleasure of presenting "I Am Happy" by Sukey Molloy

I get to announce, now, that both my children and I thoroughly enjoyed this CD. All the songs were upbeat, funny, and/or encouraged activity, such as the first song on the CD "I Put My Scarf On My Head", which tells you to put your scarf on various parts of your body. All the songs encourage imagination as well, and for the whole length of the CD (40 minutes), my children ran around the room, dancing to this lovely music! 

I also think that this CD would be a great addition to ANY preschool teacher or homeschooler's collection. 

Recommended for children ages 2-5, I think it goes beyond that, and even older kids will enjoy it!!! 

Please enter the Rafflecopter below to enter to win!!! Good luck!!!

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PennyPIncherjenny said...

I have learned that my two year old loves those videos she was just humming and acting them out!! Quite ticked when i took the laptop back!!! Love the shows and songs bella seems to love them!!

Kim D said...

I was fortunate enough to get to review Sukey Molloy also I love this CD

Rina said...

She is a beautiful young lady! The hairdo looks lovely on her :)

Susan Peck said...

I'd like to heard circle songs.

Holly said...

I learned that "Sukey Molloy began working with children in 1985 and embarked upon her career as a children’s music performer and recording artist nine years later."

I would love to hear both Circles but especially the second one!

mahgib said...

Can't wait for the release of her 4th dvd, "I Am Sleepy!"

Lisa's Free Stuff said...

The 5 golden applies video is really cute!

Lisa's Free Stuff said...

Added my link (Lisa's Free Stuff)

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