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Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"

Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stories from my college days.

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Linking up with  Mama Kat's Losin' It for Thursday's Writer's Prompt.
Now, usually, as soon as I read the prompts, I know exactly what I want to write about. But this time, it was thought about writing about our Christmas Nativity, because I think it's kind of cool...but then that seemed flat. And then I wanted to write about what I wanted but didn't get for Christmas, if only because, for just about everything I didn't get, my dad (ahem: Santa) left notes with really creative and quite reasonable reasons that Santa would never be able to bring such a thing to me. 

And then I saw the one about stories from collegehood. And I just couldn't resist. 

Of course, this subject comes with a few problems. 1- Which story?! There is no shortage of awesome stories from my college days. The problem is in picking just one. 2- My mom reads my, I also have to decide what, exactly, I want to admit to. ;)

I think, personally, it's better idea for me to simply summarize several of my experiences in list fashion. You'll get a better, rounder view of my life as a co-ed, and I get the satisfaction of bragging about how awesome my  wild days were. 

1. I won a game of Twister that involved painted grass and over 200 people at starting. 
2. I am a "true wildcat" - which means I got kissed on Homecoming night at the bell tower. 
3. Once, it snowed 4 and half feet in one day, and when the plows were done shoving it off the Union Building driveway, there was a mountain of it 8 feet tall. Of course, my friends Jon, Ray and I climbed into Jon's truck, and drove over it. Despite the seatbelt I DID buckle, my head still hit the ceiling on the way down the other side. 
4. Several of my friends were night managers over the Union Building. They found out that there were under ground tunnels that went all over campus. Through some study, they found out where the cadaver lab was, and we all went exploring late one night. When we got there, one of the boys whispered my name in my ear, it freaked me out and I took off running the other way. We ended up lost in the tunnels for another hour before we found our way back. 
5. I got attacked by an owl  while walking on the sidewalk on my way home from a night class. Luckily she only dived at me once, and only smacked me with her wings. 
6. My boyfriend's cousin came to visit once, and stayed at the dorms. While my boyfriend was at work (at the Union Building) the cousin and I went to test drive a Volvo...because on tv, they advertised that every test drive would earn a free Shrek video. We got the video...and didn't buy the car. 
7. I worked my way through college at a place called Galaxy Diner- where we wore poodle skirts and danced the hand jive. Though, back in the kitchen, we didn't hand jive, we skanked to Ska music whenever there weren't enough customers to keep us busy. (And don't worry mom- Skanking isn't nearly as slutty as it sounds.)
8. My second year, two of my best friends spent the weekend with me in my dorm. One of them had dark brown hair, the other (my sister in law now) had almost white hair. We bought a jar of fuschia pink hair dye from Hot Topic. I dyed both their hair with it. Nyssa (dark hair) came out with deep purple, and Stephanie (my sis-in-law) was, of course, FLORESCENT pink. It was awesome. My hands, though, turned pink too, because we couldn't find gloves. So I just didn't use any. They were stained for 6 weeks. 
9. I went to a Student Housing Convention in Colorado called IACRH (Eye-a-curr) - it was pretty fun, but kind of embarrassing, because while other school's representatives shouted all kinds of cool cheers, the only thing my group knew was "Weber, Weber STATE! Weber, Weber STATE!!!" -well, we KNEW more cheers, but the group had issues with communication and team work. So instead of discussing, they just automatically shouted. A boy there from Arizona State gave me his sombrero. 

I'm sure there are more- but college was full of moments as much as it was full of actual events. So there's a little peek into me a decade ago. 

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Patrice said...

Those are some great memories! I always wanted to test drive a car for the free prize!

Jenny said...

Oh how I miss all those college adventures! My oldest is a sophomore at KU right now and I know he is making his own great memories that he may or may not want me to know about yet!

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