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Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dear Santa....I WANT, I WANT, I WANT!!!!

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For today's prompt over at Mama Kat's , I chose "Open Letter to Santa Claus"
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Dear Santa Claus,

This year, I am well aware that my attitude has sucked. I'm sure that I only deserve an onion tucked into my stocking- coal, now-a-days is actually worth quite a bit. You'll want to keep that for a mommy who has been quite nice.

However, despite my bad behavior, I'm sure you will find my requests quite reasonable,and perhaps you will grant them anyway. The delivery of these items will help me to be GOOD next year so that I can ask for more frivolous things, which are always so much more delightful to receive than such values as I am about to request.

1. Patience: I feel that I have endured enough repetitive, stress inducing situations to merit this award. You know what I mean- when Mahone says "" 30 times in a row while I'm on the phone with my bank, even though I hold up a finger to imply "just a minute", the THOUSANDS of times I have told Scarlet not to jump on the beds, or asked Lilly to PLEASE put her  homework directly into her backpack so that I don't have to drive it to school in the middle of the day when I find it lying in the middle of the living room floor. Speedy delivery would be appreciated- a sneak peek, if you will- before Teague drops my keys on the floor ONE MORE TIME!!!!

2. Discernment: To know when it's a better idea to keep my mouth shut than to inform a random stranger/friend/family member/birth board rival that they are wrong and why.

3. Knowledge: Because my first grader's homework kicks my brain's butt every day.

4. Health: More than that, I'd appreciate it if you could make skipping breakfast and having a handful of cheetoes for lunch miraculously become nutritious, because I'm pretty sure those habits aren't going to change because, well, now that I think of it, there's another thing to add to the list.

5. Time: If you could just add about 5 more hours to every day, I promise I wouldn't waste it on Facebook. Any time I spend there will be STRICTLY productive. With 5 more hours per day, I'm pretty sure my house would always be clean, laundry would always be done, folded and put away, and all my other obligations would be done on time.

6. Energy: If we're going to be greedy enough to ask for more time, we're going to need more energy. I need a nap by the time I wake up in the morning. Without more energy, I don't know how in the world I'd make it through 5 more hours in a day.

7. Pillow pets has a new Moose pillow out. He's really cute. I'd like one of those.

Thanks a lot, Santa!


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Tania B said...

Hi Brae! Your guest post is up at Horseshoes:

I love it! It's perfect for all the moms in the blogosphere!

Arnebya said...

Just think if those gifts could be granted to us all, just how much happier, cheerful, less nasty attitudinal we'd all be (b/c I for one, have had a nasty as@ attitude all year. It is amazingly diminished when I have had a nap, find myself w/energy, time, discernment, and practicing patientce). Sleeping on a moose pillow pet instead of the lamb who has seen better days would probably help, too.

Rosann said...

Brae, what a cute post. I agree with you on asking for patience and 5 extra hours in a day. Although I'm sure I'd find some ridiculous way to squander the added hours away. :-)


vanita said...

Brae, I'm totally in need of patience girl. with two teens and two toddlers, mine has been worn thin. Hugs to you momma! found you on the alexa blog hop. heading over to alexa to leave you a review. drop on by for a visit sometime! I'm at .

SUPAHMAMA! said...

With 5 more hours in the day I might *actually* get a good night's sleep!!! Great open letter. :)

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