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Why "I am NOT a VOLCANO!"
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thankfulness Project, day 17, Writer's Prompt

Thankfulness Project, Day 17

November 17, 2011, Thursday

I am thankful, today, for rambunctious children. Giggles that mean they're getting along, and giggles that DON'T imply they're doing something naughty. Nights spent with Christmas music, coloring and stapling count down chains, and talking about Thanksgiving and the things we're thankful for.


MamaKat's Thursday Writer's Prompt
"List your life's Seven Wonders. Describe the most amazing 7 things you've seen with your own two eyes."

(Remember, folks, "wonder" and "wonderful" does not necessarily equal "good.")

1. In 3rd grade, my parents took us on a windy spring day to go fly kites at the elementary school playground. I remember lying on the ground and looking up at the kite- we used ALL the string and were at the very end of it. It was just a tiny ity bitty speck on the sky. It overwhelmed me a lot. And it was awesome!

2. In 5th grade, this boy named Mark shoved his whole fist into his mouth. And get this- IN FIFTH GRADE, he had hands big enough to PALM a FULL SIZED BASKETBALL! (That MIGHT count for 2 AND 3.)

3. In 8th grade, a boy named Adam shoved a DIME up his nose....FLAT WAYS....and it got STUCK. That was ALSO awesome!

4. In high school, I went with one of my dear friends, Jessica, and several more of our buddies, to her family's cabin over the weekend for her birthday. It was snowy and cold and we stopped on the side of the road in the canyon to stare in awe at the thousands and THOUSANDS of elk that were migrating over it.

5. Sometime in my teen years, I worked for my dad, who is a drywall contractor, and I "scrapped" houses with my brother and my dad's partner's boys for money every summer- which means, that after the guys who hang the sheet rock came in and the framers and everything, there would be piles of all kinds of garbage throughout the houses, and we would clean it out. Then we'd take it to the dump and unload it there. Once, while we were there, it was really really windy. All of a sudden, this really big dirt devil (miniature tornado) appeared and everyone ran for my dad's truck and piled in. I was last, and the door was LOCKED!!!! and I couldn't get into the truck. The dirt devil veered right toward me, ran right over me, and dissipated into thin air, leaving my long hair all grimy with dust and muck, and the 5 guys with me cracking up in the truck. Pretty cool to be caught up in a harmless tornado, though.

6.In college, once, I lived in a really dumpy and cheap apartment with 5 other girls in a 2 bedroom flat- AMAZING! No- really, though: Outside our door, there was a hole in the brick mortar where a little spider lived. It was in a corner, and he built a web there. Once, we were all standing out side, talking and goofing off, and a fly landed in the web- the spider came out, and wrapped the fly up in the web. It was like watching some kind of Animal Planet show. SO COOL!!

7. You know- I have seen some purely amazing things. A lot of them sincerely sentimental. The births of my four children? Absolutely. But they are 4, not one, and all amazing for their own reasons. And while my children are, ranked as one, in the top 3 best things in the WORLD to me- I kind of think childbirth is kind of "meh"- hundreds of thousands of women do it every day and I'll likely do it a few more times. I went to Jamaica on my honeymoon, and have never seen beaches so lovely, sunsets so firey or water so blue. I've seen some really spectacular storms full of lightning, snow, hail- there were monsoons and more tornadoes. I've seen some awe inspiring photography projects and some really cool optical illusions. I'd LOVE to see some of the REAL wonders of the world...but pretty much, I think I'm still "young"- I have a lot of life to live. And I'm reserving this spot for something truly wondrous.

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kimberly rae said...

Those were great!! Thanks for sharing!!

Tania B said...

Hi! You've been given the Versatile Blogger Award at Horseshoes! Congrats! YOu can read more about this here:

Galit Breen said...

I love how you went through the years!

And those boys and the dime and the hand? Eeewww. Just eewww! :)

Michael Ann said...

Wow, what cool memories and thank you for sharing with us!! That last part was beautiful.

Morgan said...

Thanks for the laugh!

Visiting from Mama Kat's :)

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